BT Mobile USA data add-on (no longer available for sale)

What's a USA data add-on?

A USA data add-on gives you a bundle of data to use in the USA. Each add-on lasts for 30 days or until you've used all the data.

These add-ons don't count towards your data roaming cap or spend cap.

We'll help you manage what you spend by texting you when your add-on's nearly used up and again when you've used it all up. You can also see how much you've got left at any time by going to or by using the My BT app.

The USA data add-on charges will appear on your bill under 'one-off charges'.

How do I buy a USA data add-on?

You can no longer buy a USA data add-on. Instead, our Travel Data Pass gives you an allowance of 500MB for £6 every 24 hours to use in 12 countries including the USA. You can buy a Travel Data Pass at any time by signing in at

If you start using data in a country covered by the Travel Data Pass we'll text you so you can buy one there and then. Just reply to the text with 500. We'll text you back when your data allowance is active, usually within 30 minutes.

How long are USA data add-ons valid for?

A USA add-on is valid for 30 days from when you buy it. If you haven't used all the data after 30 days, you'll lose whatever's left of the add-on.

We'll let you know when you've used it up. If you need more data you could buy a Travel Data Pass.

What happens when I've used up all my USA add-on allowance?

You'll be able to keep track of your usage on or via the My BT app. When you've used it all up, you can buy a Travel Data Pass if you want to use further data in the USA. Otherwise, you can keep on using data, but you'll be paying the full rate for the USA which could end up being expensive.

What happens if I change my mobile plan?

Add-ons are separate from your plan, so upgrading or downgrading your plan won't affect them.

Does my USA data add-on cost come out of my monthly spend cap?

No, it doesn't. So if you've set a spend cap of £20, then buy a £15 add-on, your spend cap won't reduce to £5. Add-on charges are treated as one-off charges.

How can I see how much of my USA data add-on I've used?

You can see what you've used at or via the My BT app. The app is available for Android, iPhone and Windows phones.

How can I remove a USA data add-on?

If you don't use it, your add-on will expire after 30 days.

I've bought a USA data add-on against the wrong SIM

If you've got lots of SIMs and have accidentally bought an add-on for the wrong one, please contact us.

How will I see the USA data add-ons on my bill?

You'll see the charges in the 'One-off charges' section of your next bill.

Can I buy more than one USA data add-on?

You can no longer buy the USA data add-ons. You can buy a Travel Data Pass for each SIM on your account. You can't have more than one Travel Data Pass on an individual SIM, but you can have a Travel Data Pass on any of your Family SIMs.

Why have you taken data from my USA data add-on when I was connected to wi-fi or had data turned off?

There are lots of ways your smartphone can use data without you knowing or intending to use data. These are some of the reasons it can happen, although this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Several phones will use mobile data by default if a wi-fi connection is poor or running slowly - Wi-Fi Assist on iPhones, for example
  • Some phones will switch to mobile data when the screen is off to save on the battery
  • If a mobile is powering up after being switched off, sometimes it will connect using a data connection before it connects to a wi-fi network
  • A phone's software and apps can automatically update in the background using a data connection even if the phone isn't in use at the time
  • Backup software such as iCloud and Dropbox can use a data connection to back up and store files

You can control how your phone or apps connect to the network and whether they use wi-fi or data to update via your phone settings. Refer to your manufacturer's guide on how to do this.

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