How much does it cost to install a new BT phone line or reconnect an old one?

You probably won't need to pay any connection charges if:

  • Your home has recently had a telephone service from BT,
  • the wiring and socket is undamaged; and
  • the line still has a dial tone

You'll just have to pay for your chosen calling plan, the cost of any extra calls not included in the plan, and for any extra services you want.

Where there's no suitable BT line available, no dial tone on the line, or if you've ever been disconnected for non-payment, then you might need to pay a connection charge. If you only have a calling plan with BT, the standard connection charge is normally £140.

Some properties (for example, new property developments) may have a white BT socket installed which has not yet been connected. In this case you'll need to pay the standard connection charge.

The fee covers engineering work in your property or the exchange.

If you order online, then we'll let you know whether you need to pay a connection charge during your order.

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Any connection charges will be added to your first BT bill.

All reconnections are subject to a credit check, as a result of which we might ask you to pay a deposit. A minimum term will apply.

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