Digital Voice Motorola FW500 Hybrid phone

Is it compatible with Digital Voice?

The FW500 can work alongside your Digital Voice Handsets or any other Landline phones that you might still use.

It just doesn’t have the same Digital Voice features such as High Definition calling and Mutli call which you get on your Digital Voice Handsets.

We recommend that you keep your FW500 Backup phone permanently plugged into either the GREEN port on the back of your Smart Hub or if you need the phone in a more convenient location, you can plug it into a Digital Voice Adapter, so that it is easily available to you should there be a power or broadband outage.

How does it work?

Under normal circumstances the phone works using the Digital Voice line, but it recognises when there is a power or broadband outage and switches to using the inbuilt SIM to make calls over mobile.


What if I’m on the phone when the power goes out or the Broadband fails?

If you are using your Digital Voice Handsets or another landline telephone, the call you are on will drop. You can then use the FW500 telephone to make emergency calls when needed, whilst you are in the period without power or broadband.


How will I know what my mobile number is so that my friends and family know it’s me?

We have put the mobile number of your FW500, onto the font of the leaflet in your gift box. Keep this number safe so you can always refer to it if needed.

Never remove the SIM from the FW500 as it will prevent you from making emergency calls when you need to


What happens if the power comes back on and I’m on the FW 500 phone. Will it cut out?

Your call will continue using the Mobile network and when you hang up and need to use the phone again, it will be back on your Digital Voice service.


Where should I set up my FW500 phone to get the best reception?

There is a signal strength indicator on the FW500 display. Ensure that the antenna is in the upright position and then check how strong this is in when plugged in to your Smart Hub. If this doesn’t look good enough, try it in another location around your home, by using a Digital Voice Adapter to plug it in to. (You can Contact us if you need an Adapter)


Does the phone require an electric socket?

Yes, as this is how the battery backup part of the phone is kept fully charged.  In a power cut, it will be running off this battery which is why we recommend that it is always kept plugged in to a power supply.


What batteries does it take?

The FW500 uses a 750 mAh Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery pack. Under normal conditions, these should last at least 3 years before they need changing out. If you need to replace it, please contact us and we will arrange for a new battery pack to be sent out to you.


How long does the phone last while the power is out?

In ideal conditions, the FW500 should give you:

·       Standby of up to 8 hours

·       1 hour talk time


The FW500 phone comes with a preloaded SIM card with a limited number of minutes on it, so you should only use it in an emergency.

(Note: You will always be able to call the emergency services even if your minutes run out)


If I call 999, how will they know who or where I am?

When you use a mobile to make a call,  it uses location based information from the network  to  pinpoint where you are


Does it have inbuilt voicemail?

The FW500 doesn’t have a built-in answer phone, but as part of your Digital Voice service, you get free access to 1571, our network answering service. You will hear a stuttered dial tone if a message has been left for you when you lift the handset. Dial 1571 and it will take you to your messages.

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