Why was an email I sent never received, or bounced back to me?

There are several reasons why this might have happened:

  • You never actually sent the email. Make sure you actually sent the email by checking in your Sent folder. If not, you might not have sent it
  • You saved the email as a draft, but never actually sent it. Check in your Drafts folder
  • You didn't address it properly. You might have accidentally entered a different email address than the one you intended, or made a mistake that actually turns out to be a real email address. Check to see if this happened by looking in your Sent folder and double-checking the email address you used
  • The email's been delayed. Most emails are delivered within a few minutes. But emails can sometimes be delayed while in transit due to heavy internet traffic or routing problems. This kind of delay can sometimes last for several hours or more
  • Occasionally, there are interruptions or disruptions in email transmissions over the internet which makes your email undeliverable. This is very rare, but it does happen. Unfortunately, there's no easy eay to know for sure whether an email has been delayed or whether it has been made undeliverable. The best thing is to re-send your email. You can find it in your Sent folder

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