I've received an error 522 when using BT email, what should I do?

If you use BT Yahoo! Mail or BT Mail, you can access your email from any internet connection with any internet-enabled device.

However, when logging into your email account from overseas, through a public wi-fi network or an internet café, you need to take extra care. Sometimes the connection you're using abroad may not be secure.

If we think the connection you're using is unsecure or untrusted, then we'll show you an error 522 message when you're using your email. This could be because we've previously detected illicit activity on the connection you're using or because somebody who previously used this connection has been sending spam emails.

If you see a 522 error in your email, we recommend that for the continued security of your account, you find an alternative connection. We also recommend that as a security precaution, you update your password as soon as possible. Make sure you connect from a secure location when you do.

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Remember, each time you exit your account you should sign out completely by clicking the Sign Out link at the top of the page. This is especially important when you're using a public or shared computer so that anyone using the computer after you can't get access to your account.

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