BT Mail problems - I don't seem to be receiving some or all of my emails

It's very unusual for an email message to get lost in transit. If you've not received an email you were expecting, it's best to first check with the sender that they actually sent the message and that they aren't having problems with their own email service.

Next, check that the message hasn't gone into your Spam folder by mistake.

Finally, ask the sender to re-send the email message.

If that doesn't seem to be the problem, check the following:

  • Was the email addressed properly?

    The sender might not have your correct email address. Or, sometimes people make mistakes in email addresses, but the "incorrect" address just turns out to be someone else's correct email address. If this happened, the email intended for you could have been received by someone else

  • Has the message been delayed?

    Most emails are delivered within a few minutes, but messages can sometimes be delayed while in transit due to problems on the sender's mail server, heavy Internet traffic, or routing problems

  • Has the sender's address been blocked?

    It's possible to block mail from specific senders. An email coming in from one of these senders does not bounce, it is just discarded. To check your blocked addresses list, click Settings and then Blocked & Safe Senders from the left hand menu. You'll see a list of any addresses you've blocked

  • Is auto forwarding enabled?

    Check to see if you've set your email to be forwarded to another email address.

    To check what auto forwarding you might have set, select the Settings tab and then Mail from the left hand navigation menu. Click on Auto forward.

    Checking auto-forwarding

    You should now be able to view any auto forward rules you have set.

  • Do you need to check your email "filters"?

    You may have set up filters that are causing the message to be sent to Trash or to another folder. Once an email has been moved to your Trash folder it can be deleted at any time. Check your filters to ensure that email you want isn't going straight into Trash.

    To check your filters, from the Settings tab, select the Mail option from the left hand navigation menu and then Rules.

    Checking filters

    You should now be able to view any filters or rules you have set.


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