BT Sport support



Getting set up or activated

If you’re watching BT Sport on the app or online, you’ll need a BTID (This is the username and password you use to manage your services online). For help with creating and managing your BTID, follow our support page.


BT Sport Monthly Pass

Watching on BT Sport Monthly Pass, find lots of support here.


Want to know what's on?

To find out where you can watch the main BT Sports content, as well as what's on each channel, check our full guide.


I can't see the BT Sport channels

For simple solutions on finding and activating your BT Sport channels.


Quick TV fixes

Many TV problems can be fixed with a quick reset, update or checking your

set up, find out how to do those here

Resetting your TV box 

Remote control support 

Update your software 

Sport channels not working?  

Check & improve your connection 

If you’re having trouble watching on your TV, app or online, it could be due to your Broadband connection or set up


What devices is the BT Sport App available on? 

BT Sport is only available on supported devices, find out what they are here

Need support with errors and issues?

If you’ve spotted an error code on your box or app, you can search for more information about it on our help page.

BT Sport monthly pass

For support with managing your BT Sport monthly pass.

Learn more

BT Sport Box Office

For questions about what to do for Box Office events.

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