Why is it going to take so long to get my Fibre to the Home working?

If you don't already have the equipment, there are two stages to installing Fibre. First we'll do some work outside your property, then complete the installation inside your home.

External work to bring a fibre cable to your property

We connect a fibre cable to a small box that we'll fix to your outside wall, close to where your phone line enters your home. We'll drill a small hole in your wall to push the cable through, before covering it tidily with the box. We might need to do some extra work but we’ll let you know if a survey is required.

You don't need to be in for this stage if we can access the outside of your property. Whether you decide to be there or not, the engineer will ring ahead and may knock on your front door. Your phone and broadband service may stop working briefly during this work, so it's a good idea to have a mobile handy

If you've got an alarm linked to your phone line, please let your provider know that this work might trigger a false alarm.


Work to complete the fibre installation in your home

This usually happens seven working days after the first stage and you'll need to be at home to let the engineer in. The appointment will last up to four hours.

Your BT Hub should arrive by post two days before your installation date. Please have it ready to hand when the engineer arrives. The engineer will bring the other bit of new equipment you need - an Openreach fibre modem.

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