What to expect when we set up your service

If you've got broadband at the moment, you'll lose your connection while our engineer carries out the work in the street. This can take up to half an hour. When they've finished, you'll be ready to connect your kit, or the engineer will then visit your house for an install if we've agreed one's necessary. Once your kit is set up, you'll know your new service is ready to use when the lights on your Hub turn steady blue.

If you’re moving home you should take your BT Hub with you, but if you have an Openreach fibre modem (white box attached to the wall), please leave this for the people who move in. We'll make sure you have all the relevant equipment as part of the installation at your new home.

BT Smart Hub BT Smart Hub
BT Hub Openreach fibre modem

If you're already using a BT Hub or another broadband router, it may not work with your new service. If this happens you'll need to unplug it and use any new kit we’ve sent you instead.

You may just need to fit a microfilter, so that your existing BT Hub or broadband router works with your new service. Find out more: Why do I need ADSL filters (microfilters) and where do they go

If you need help setting things up, please see the set-up guide for your hub >


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