If I order BT Broadband, do I need to give you a MAC code?

Moving to BT from another service provider

Switching to BT Broadband has never been easier. For starters, there's no longer any need to get a MAC code from your current supplier. Just contact us to place your new broadband order, either online at or by phone on 0800 731 9529.

And what's more, you can get up to £300 of broadband and line rental early termination charges reimbursed in full to your BT account as well.

Find out how to be credited for the full cost of cancelling your broadband contract >

What happens next?

We'll give you a switching date - normally within 2 weeks unless you choose a later one. Until then you'll continue to have broadband service from your existing supplier. There'll be a short period of around 30 minutes as you're switched over to BT Broadband. This should happen during business hours on the day of your switch. If you want to change the switching date you're given, please call us on 0800 731 9529.

If you want to move your broadband away from BT

You no longer need a MAC from us to move your broadband away. However, we'd be delighted to talk to you about why you want to move, as there may be special offers available which could persuade you to stay! So please feel free to give us a call on 0800 800 150.



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