How is Fibre installed (engineer installation)?


For installation, our engineer just needs to set you up for faster speeds.

The appointment date we give you for the engineer to come round to install your Fibre will give us time to post your BT Hub (if you need one). The visit will normally last about three hours, and you'll need to be in while the engineer's there. You can choose a morning or afternoon appointment, Monday to Friday. Your broadband service will be unavailable for the entire visit, but you should be able to use your phone line for calls.

On the day, the engineer will phone to say they're about to switch your line to the fibre network at your BT street cabinet. Your phone won't work for about ten minutes while this is being done. After this, they'll come to your home and disconnect your BT Hub (if you've already got one). They'll then install a new faceplate on your primary phone socket, run any new cabling and connect your BT Hub.

Before leaving, the engineer will reconnect one of your computers so they can demonstrate a working fibre-based broadband connection.

If you have EE TV, the engineer will reconnect your set top box. However, you'll need to reconnect any other online devices yourself (such as laptops and wireless printers) after the engineer leaves.

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