BT Broadband engineer installation


We’ll send you a confirmation email with your appointment date and time slot.  You’ll be sent a new hub, so keep it somewhere handy.

How long is the appointment?

The installation takes around three hours and the Openreach engineer will need access to your property. If you aren’t available, someone over 18 will need to be around.


Need to change your appointment?

Log into order tracker using your BT ID or order reference and postcode.

We’ll send you a text with your engineer’s name and mobile number. They will call you to confirm their arrival time and to find out about any access requirements.


The engineer first needs to turn on the cable that runs from the street cabinet to your property. During this time your phone won’t work for around 10 minutes, but the engineer will let you know in advance.

Connecting your hub:

The engineer will come into your home and disconnect your old hub, so you will briefly be without broadband.

They will fit a new faceplate on your master phone socket, which is where the broadband cable comes into your house.When positioning your hub, the engineer may need to install new cabling. They will discuss this with you before starting any work.

Most connections and installations are going ahead as normal, but engineer visits may be cancelled or delayed. We’ll let you know if this happens.

Before the engineer arrives please:

  1. Clear a path to the main telephone socket, if you have one.
  2. With an antibacterial wipe, clean down any surfaces around the telephone socket our engineers may come into contact with.
  3. Open any windows or doors where the Openreach engineer may need to work.The engineer will follow government guidelines and wear protective equipment, for example a mask and/or gloves, and wipe down any surface they have touched 

High-risk from Covid-19?

Call us on 0800 800 150 to discuss your installation. Please only call if you have a letter from the government saying you are high-risk.