There's a problem with your hub

BT Smart Hub 2 - Red Light 

How to fix problem:

1. Switch the power button at the back of your hub off and on again and wait up to three minutes for the light to turn blue - which means it’s connected

2. If your light doesn’t turn blue, reset your hub back to its factory settings - how it was when you first got it

3. Use a paperclip to press the factory reset button at the back of the hub for 20 seconds

4. Wait five minutes for your hub's power light to turn blue, which means it’s reset

5. To reconnect to your devices find your wi-fi network name and password on the back of your hub, then on your device search for your network name and enter your password 


Alternatively watch our video guide.

After a factory reset your hub’s network name and wi-fi password will return to what they were originally. So if you had made changes like updating your wi-fi password, you’ll need to update these again. 

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