BT Wi-fi: Common questions about sharing your connection with other people

What happens if someone uses my BT Wi-fi connection to access an illegal site?

You can prove it wasn't you because the visitor's access to the internet will be through a separate channel. This means we can tell the difference between the home user's internet activity and visitor internet activity.

Can people using my BT Hub see what I'm doing on the internet?

No, their access is through a separate, secure channel on the BT Hub.

Does the number of people who use my BT Hub as a BT Wi-fi hotspot affect my usage allowance?

No, the number of people using your Hub to access broadband does not affect your monthly usage allowance.

If other people connect via my Hub, does this slow down the internet for me?

Most people use only a very small percentage (2-10%) of the bandwidth they have available, so this is unlikely.

However, if you do need more of your bandwidth at any time, you'll always be prioritised over the BT Wi-fi user.

When my Hub becomes a hotspot, does it mean people will know where I live?

No. Hotspots are displayed on the map as the number of BT Wi-fi members living within a postcode. Other members will not know which house the wi-fi signal is coming from.

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