Complete Wi-Fi - terms and conditions


1.        What is the Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee?

We’ll send you up-to two more discs to ensure a reliable Wi-Fi connection in every room of your home. If you still can’t get a reliable Wi-Fi connection we’ll give you a one-off credit of £100 off your next BT bill. The guarantee only applies when your Smart Hub2 is connected to the fixed broadband network and not the 4G mobile network. It does not cover broadband faults. For full terms see


2.        Who is eligible to get BT Complete Wi-Fi service?

All customers who purchase BT broadband with Complete Wi-Fi are eligible for the Complete Wi-Fi service. Halo 3+ customers will also receive Complete Wi-Fi as part of their Halo 3+ package.


3.        What equipment will I receive?

If you’re a BT broadband customer on a Complete Wi-Fi package we’ll automatically send you a new Smart Hub 2 and one Wi-Fi Disc to extend your Wi-Fi signal around the home - this is enough for the majority of homes to get a signal everywhere.


4.        Who owns the Wi-Fi Discs?

BT owns all Wi-Fi Discs sent to you, and allows you to use the Wi-Fi Discs for as long as you have the Complete Wi-Fi service. If you leave the Complete Wi-Fi Service or the agreement is terminated you must return all Wi-Fi Discs provided, as detailed in point 9 below.


5.        How does the Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee work?

If you’ve set up your Smart Hub 2 and your Wi-Fi Disc in your home and you don’t have a reliable Wi-Fi connection in every room, we’ll run some diagnostic tests and if eligible we’ll send you another Wi-Fi Disc. If you’re still unable to get a reliable Wi-Fi connection in every room, we’ll send you a second (and final) Wi-Fi Disc.

We’ll also carry out a series of diagnostic tests, and also send out an engineer to ensure your Wi-Fi Discs are positioned in the best place within your home to enhance your Wi-Fi signal. 

After all of that, if you still don’t have a reliable Wi-Fi connection in every room you can get a one-off credit of £100 on your next BT bill.


6.        I have bought a Smart Hub 2 and Wi-Fi Disc(s) from BT will the Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee apply to me?

Unfortunately, if you don’t purchase our Complete Wi-Fi service then you will not be eligible to benefit from our Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee. 


7.        How can I test the Wi-Fi signal strength in each room of my home?

You can test the Wi-Fi signal strength in your home by logging into the My BT App and navigating to the “Your Wi-Fi network” section. There are two options:

(1) You’ll see a list of any devices connected to your home Wi-Fi with the signal strength (strong / weak) displayed next to each one; or

(2)  Alternatively you can go to the signal checker in the My BT app. This enables you to test the signal on the device the My BT app is installed on. Before you press ‘check signal’ please ensure that you’re standing in the middle of the room that you want to check the Wi-Fi signal strength. Within a few seconds you’ll receive the outcome of the Wi-Fi signal strength. If your Wi-Fi signal strength isn’t strong, please contact us.

You can also use the My BT App to find the best location for your Wi-Fi Discs and complete the setup experience.


8.        How does the Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee work if I also have Hybrid Connect? 

The Guarantee is only applicable when you are connected to internet via your Smart Hub 2. 


9.        How do I claim a £100 bill credit if I don’t have signal in every room?

If you don’t have a reliable Wi-Fi connection in every room, contact us at 0800 800 150 and if we’re unable to resolve the issue, we’ll arrange for a one-off credit of £100 to be applied to your next BT Bill.