Cartoon Network’s funniest and coolest shows: Teen Titans Go, Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls and more

Our guide to the best animated series available on the children's channel.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 10 March 2020 - 8.35pm

Cartoon Network

Amazing World of Gumball

Cartoon Network Teen Titans Go

Cartoon Network is jam-packed with fantastic entertainment that kids (and parents) will love and want to watch over and over again.

Check out BT TV channel 486 for some of the greatest animated shows of the last decade including Ben 10, the Emmy award-winning Powerpuff Girls and critically-acclaimed Adventure Time.

Candy-coloured creativity, big laughs and fantastical cartoon worlds; here are BT TV's pick of the best shows on Cartoon Network.

Teen Titans Go!

Based on the classic DC Comics superhero team, Teen Titans Go! is a phenomenally successful animated series that will be a must-see for any little super heroes in your family.

Quirky, whip-smart and endlessly clever, Teen Titans Go! is considerably more enjoyable than a number of more dour ‘adult’ takes on the superhero genre.

Inspiring a big screen movie in 2018, discover where it all began with the Cartoon Network show.

Ben 10

Ben 10

Ben 10 is a kids TV phenomenon that started in 2005 and remains over a decade later one of the biggest and most exciting animated series for superhero-loving youngsters.

If you have children over the age of 6 who are talking about defending the Earth with their Omnitrix, it sounds like your kids are already addicted. But what is Ben 10 actually about?

The show focuses on young boy Ben Tennysen, who discovers that he has the power to take on different alien forms when he finds a mysterious watch - the Omnitrix – while on holiday.

Ben 10 is living every child’s dream with his superhero powers, but his special skills come at a price – he must use his special shapeshifting alien powers to save the world from the biggest and baddest villains in the universe.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time

Not just one of the best animated TV shows of all time, it’s one of the most acclaimed and best-loved series of the last decade.

For pure imagination and magical escapism, the 283 episodes of Adventure Time are about as good as it gets.

At its heart, the show is just about a boy and his dog, but behind all the colourful characters and gleeful silliness, there is a show brimming with heart and positive messages about the tricky stepping stones for every child going through adolescence.

Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls

Six-time Emmy-nominee – and twice Emmy-winning -, The Powerpuff Girls is the perfect blend of stylish animation, superpowers and the sort of humour that means everyone aged 7 to 77 will fall in love.

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, three kindergarten-aged girls, are the heroes of the series, taking on bad guys with the superpowers their father and creator Professor Utonium gave them.

Tapping into pop culture and parodying classic superheroes such as Batman and Spider-Man, The Powerpuff Girls nails big lols and big adventures.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Working as a prequel to the hit animated movie, kids will love the adventures of Flint Lockwood and Sam Sparks – two high school kids with a passion for science.

Fans of the movie will love seeing their favourite characters again and the show packs a similar mix of mishaps, madness and, erm, meatballs.

Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball

Visually stunning and wildly imaginative, Gumball is a Bafta-winning imaginative series about young cat Gumball Watterson, his pink bunny sister and his adopted brother – a goldfish.

Adored by young kids, students and parents, everyone will find themselves chuckling along with this mischievous slice of pop fun.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

OK KO Lets Be Heroes

A refreshingly quirky series about a young boy who takes a job in a hero supply shop in a futuristic American shopping mall and not only meets a handful of hilariously weird characters, but is roped into various misadventures too.

Far from your stereotypical cartoon, K.O. must complete some very topical tasks - from procuring GIFs to completing gaming quests that involve beating up evil robots and helping out his mate Enid with her social media.