Apple and Onion: A deliciously surreal comedy to get the family singing

Richard Ayoade and George Gendi provide the voices in this hilarious animated series about the friendship between a vegetable and a fruit.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 11 March 2020 - 8.31pm

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Apple and Onion on Cartoon Network

Richard Ayoade and George Gendi provide the voices in this hilarious animated series about the friendship between a vegetable and a fruit.

It's a TV show about an apple and an onion, who are best friends, growing up in a big city together in a world filled with anthropomorphic food items.

The latest series from the colourful and imaginative world of Cartoon Network (BT TV Channel 486) is the sort of off-the-wall premise that the kids channel has made a name for itself with over the last three decades.

But don’t be put off by the zany concept, because underneath the singing pizzas and burrito next-door neighbours, Apple and Onion is a heartwarming series about the power of friendship.

Voiced by Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd) and George Gendi (Amazing World of Gumball, Sanjay and Craig), packed full of fantastic guest stars – Stephen Fry, Adam Buxton and Billy Bob Thornton are among those you will recognise – this is addictive and giddy fun that centres on singalong musical sequences about the latest foodie adventures.

Here are three reasons you and your kids will love Apple and Onion...

1. Addictive singalong silliness

If you've ever watched the cult comedy Flight of the Conchords, you'll know the vibe and musical style used in Apple and Onion. Stitching together the plot with joyous harmonies and hip-hop beats or just dropping a silly catchy ditty for 30 seconds of surreal fun, every episode includes an infectious earworm.

Kids will love singing along, long after the episode has ended, and you'll find yourself humming and dancing to bangers like 'Falafel Fixes Everything' until bedtime too.

2.  Magical Richard Ayoade

Sue Perkins guest stars as Bakewell Tart in Apple and Onion Cartoon Network

Who else could play a singing onion and somehow manage to bring pathos, love and humour to the role. Ayoade’s unmistakable nasal tones are perfectly matched for the slightly fussy and nervous Onion, who often has to restrain – or be inspired – by his more adventurous and calamitous pal Apple.

The comic’s British humour is right at home in the episode Apple's Focus, which centres on a Great British Bake Off inspired competition where Sue Perkins voices a TV presenter and judge Bakewell Tart. Brilliantly silly, it’s as funny as any ‘serious’ adult comedy you’ll watch in 2019.

3. The power of friendship

Apple and Onion episode 'Apple's Focus' Cartoon Network

As parents, it would be easy to enjoy Apple and Onion just for the funky tunes and cheeky food sight gags. However, behind the laughter and foodie rap battles there is an inspirational message for young viewers around how much more you achieve with friendship than you ever can on your own.

You may even find yourself shedding the odd tear as the food buddies frequently choose their friendship over their own personal wishes.

Your kids will love this if they like…

Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball, Sanjay and Craig, Steven Universe.

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