In Spotlight: Millie Bobby Brown’s best TV shows and films - from Stranger Things to Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown plays Sherlock’s little sister Enola Holmes in the new Netflix film, but which other movies and TV shows have you seen the young British actress in before?

By Sophia Moir Published: 24 September 2020 - 6.32pm
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She might only be 16 years old, but Millie Bobby Brown is a force to be reckoned with.

One of the highest-paid stars in Netflix's Stranger Things, the actress - who was born in Spain but grew up in Bournemouth - is the youngest person to feature on the Time 100 list of the world's most influential people.

To celebrate her new role in the film Enola Holmes, we round up Millie Bobby Brown's top TV shows and movies below...

Enola Holmes - Enola Holmes

Based on The Enola Holmes Mysteries novels, Brown plays Enola Holmes - the teenage sister of Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin) - in the 2020 Netflix film of the same name.

In the film, Enola suddenly finds herself in the care of her brothers after her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) disappears. Her brothers are set on sending her away to a finishing school for “proper” young ladies, but she has other ideas.

As well as being the film’s main star, 16-year-old Brown is also an executive producer on Enola Holmes - the first producer credit for the teen actress.

Enola Holmes is available to watch on Netflix now.

Stranger Things - Eleven

Since 2016, Brown has played the role of Eleven (also known as El) in the American sci-fi horror series and pop culture phenomenon, Stranger Things.

Eleven is a young girl with psychokinetic and telepathic abilities, and the 1980s-set show follows her adventures with her friends Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, after she escapes from Hawkins Laboratory, where experiments were being performed on her.

At age 13, Brown became one of the youngest nominees in Emmy history after she was nominated for her portrayal of Eleven in the show.

Stranger Things seasons 1-3 are available to watch on Netflix now. A release date for season 4 has yet to be confirmed.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Madison Russell

Brown made her feature film debut in 2019 with the monster film Godzilla: King of the Monsters - the sequel to 2014's Godzilla.

In the film, humans must rely on Godzilla and Mothra to defeat King Ghidorah, who has awakened other Titans to destroy the world. 

She played Madison Russell, the teenage daughter of Dr Mark Russell and Dr Emma Russell, and is reprising her role in the 2021 follow-up film, Godzilla vs Kong.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is available to watch now on Sky Cinema with NOW TV.

Intruders - Madison O'Donnell

In 2014, Brown played Madison O'Donnell in the paranormal thriller TV series Intruders, which aired on BBC Two in the UK and BBC America in the US. 

The series saw members of a secret society chase immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others after their deaths.

Madison is a young girl who serves as the vessel for one of the group's members - although she constantly fights to regain her body.

Intruders is available to buy now on Amazon Prime Video.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Young Alice

Millie Bobby Brown Once Upon a Time in Wonderland ABC

Brown made her acting debut in the fantasy-drama series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - a spin-off of Once Upon a Time - on American channel ABC in 2013.

The series was based on Lewis Carroll novels Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, but taking place in the same universe as Once Upon a Time in present-day Wonderland.

Brown played the character of young Alice in flashback scenes, with Alice herself played by Sophie Lowe.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is available to buy now on Amazon Prime Video.

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