One half dating show, one half nostalgia trip for American High School movies, Lovestruck High is a new immersive reality show coming to Prime Video.

The show takes 15 diverse UK singles to a classic American High School and introduces them to a world of cheerleading, homecoming, proms and all the high drama and emotions of teen romance.

There'll be intrigue, fall-outs and even expulsions along the way, but for the Class of 2022 there is a big prize at the end of the show if they can find ‘the one’ and be crowned Prom Royalty – a $100,000 jackpot.

Lovestruck High cast: Meet the contestants in the Class of 2022


Lovestruck High contestant Theo Prime Video

Model agent, 21, from Bristol

"I saw the words American high school and thought of High School Musical, I love that film and I do cheerleading anyway.

"I’m unlucky in love and I’ve never been in a relationship, so this will help with that.

"I like masculine men; tall, handsome, chilled out but still fun and someone who is open with themselves. Anthony Joshua is my ideal celebrity man."


Lovestruck High contestant Yasmine Pete Dadds

Model, 25, from London

"I’ve done my healing and feel ready now to find someone who is on the same vibe as me and wants to have an adventure.

"I’m 24 now so I want to get married soon. If I don’t get married by 30 then I am going to stay single forever."


Lovestruck High contestant Sin Prime Video

Security officer, 24, from Northolt, West London

"I am single and I've had my fair share of dates but they haven't gone to plan so I thought why not go on a show where people have the same interest and have fun.

"I'm not into a materialistic girl. I like partying and am a bubbly person, but too much according to some exes. So I need someone to reel me in and say 'OK it's time to go home now' and I'm happy to go home with them."

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Lovestruck High contestant Max Prime Video

Personal trainer, 23, from Brentwood, Essex

"American high schools have intrigued me. Growing up watching that on TV always made me wonder what it would be like. Hopefully it will be an experience and I'm excited to see what it brings into my life.

"I'm looking for someone that can keep me interested. The main problem I've had with girls is I lose interest after sex or a few dates."


Lovestruck High contestant Junaid Prime Video

Social media influencer, 26, from Essex

"I am such a different person now and always said I would love to go back with the confidence and the vibe I've got going on now. If you saw me in school you would forget about me - now you would never forget about me. 

"Believe it or not I look like this and I have trouble finding love. I shock myself every day."


Lovestruck High contestant KT Prime Video

Content creator, 21, from Milton Keynes

"I love American movies, I loved high school, and I loved the concept. It’ll be really cool to have a second chance. I am a hopeless romantic and I’ve been single for a while so I thought I would go in, headfirst.

"I tend to date men, I have dated girls in the past but nothing serious. I don’t want to label myself because I feel that will put me into a box. I am 20 and I am still exploring what I like."


Lovestruck High contestant Geoff Prime Video

Events trader, 24, from Sandy, Bedfordshire

"As a kid I used to watch Hannah Montana and Waverley Place and my mum used to try and get me to stop watching them so I wouldn’t pick up American ways. So it feels like I’m going back to my childhood, and I’m excited to go back to high school to find myself a Prom Queen.

"I'm 24 so I need to get busy and I've always said the next relationship is going to be my most serious one. I want to be a dad before I’m 30 but you need two years of dating, two years of living with someone and then you have to get a dog before the kids, so time is ticking."


Lovestruck High contestant Jody BBC

Salon owner, 28, from Bolton

"I struggle to meet women because normally I look really girly so I don’t get approached when I am out. I do a bit of a mix of going to gay and straight bars and I still won’t get approached. Lesbians think I’m straight because of the way I dress. I tried shaving a slit in my eyebrow once to make me look more ‘gay’ but it just made me look like a chav.

"I want someone who is ready to settle down and get married, maybe have more kids because I’ve already got a five-year-old daughter. The first thing I think about when I meet someone Is ‘what is this person going to be like around my child? Is this someone I want in my child’s life?"


Lovestruck High contestant Charlie Prime Video

Property manager, 29, from Surrey

"Me and my friend had been out for a couple of drinks and decided to apply. I always had this dream of being at high school and meeting your forever one. However, it just didn’t happen, I am still here and single, so it’s my chance to go back and find it.

"I’m into spirituality and I like people who like to look at the universe."


Lovestruck High contestant Basit Pete Dadds

Model and musician, 27, from London

"I like to do crazy things like this, so why not? It is one of my dreams to go to America so this is the closest I have at the moment. 

"I don’t go straight for love, I am more realistic than that. I don’t really have a type, if you have chat you can really convince me no matter how you look."


Lovestruck High contestant Adam Pete Dadds

Car salesman, 30, from Norwich

"I've always been interested in American TV shows and love the nostalgia of the 90s. I'm single and 29 years old as well so a love show appealed. I live in Norwich and everyone seems to know everyone, so I thought it would be an opportunity to meet someone new.

"I want that natural connection where you meet someone and just click. I want to find a pretty girl who is funny, someone who can wow you just by speaking to you."


Lovestruck High contestant Chante Pete Dadds

GP secretary, 24, from London

"I always wanted to study in Los Angeles and on top of that, I was raised on American culture so it felt like the perfect opportunity.

"I don't have an ideal man. Someone suave, not flamboyant and open minded.

"I mostly find people in person or a friend of a friend or I find someone slips into my DMs on Instagram or Snapchat. I did go on a date. He was about five years older than me. I thought fantastic, I'm fed up of kids - but he couldn't keep up with me sexually."


Lovestruck High contestant Huss Prime Video

Postman, 28, from London

"I'm looking for love. My mum keeps bugging me to find somebody because my brother has three kids and I've got none.

"I was with my ex for three years and after we split up she moved on after a week. I did really love my ex. It was difficult to get over her so I just slept around for a few months, but I didn’t feel any potential. It was just a quickie and bounce. A year down the line I’ve decided it’s time for me to meet someone and settle down.

"I don’t really have a type: I like blonde curly hair, brunette, petite, blue, purple, green, yellow eyes... anything really."


Lovestruck High contestant Alex Prime Video

Accountant, 27, from Coventry

"I've been smooth-talking girls for years and thought it would be a fun experience.

"One of my regrets was not making the most of my summers at university and not going to university in America when I had the chance. My friend got a scholarship out in the States so we have done spring break in Miami many times, I love it.

"When I saw my mate out there, I loved it and thought 'Why didn't I go?'. I went straight into a graduate job and studied for my chartership in accounting rather than taking a year out to travel.

"When this came up, I thought 'Why not do something that not many other people will get the chance to do instead?'."


Jess in Lovestruck High Prime Video

Fashion creative, 24, from London

"I've been recently single for the first time in my life since I was 18. I feel I know my authentic self now more than I ever have, so I thought it was a good chance for me to live that on TV and be proud of who I am and see what would happen.

"I've always wanted to go to America and I'd love to live in LA in five years, but getting the visa is like trying to live on the moon."


Dan in Lovestruck High Prime Video

Factory worker, 23, from Bridgend

"I love all films like Legally Blonde so I thought this is a bit of me this, and I want to find love which I’m rubbish at. It will be amazing to go back to school and relive those days.

"I sailed through school in the popular gang. I would walk around with my bag on one shoulder and my Justin Bieber haircut. I had a group of nine girlfriends and me - I can imagine I might end up being friends with all the girls again. 

"At school, I was fat and ugly so I would love to go back with the confidence I’ve got now. I hope it will be a really nice experience.

"I’d love to have someone who has similar ways that we can have fun with. My ideal man is Ben Fogle, I think it is his big nose. I have got a big nose but his is huge!"


Megan from Lovestruck High Prime Video

Professional dancer, 24, from Cambridge

"Bring It On is one of my favourite musicals. As a musical theatre dancer the idea of cheerleading is just me. I love that energy, I’ve always wanted to be a cheerleader, it’s cool.

"I didn’t have time to have a boyfriend or hang out after school, going to the cinema. I had dance every night of the week and the weekend. So it would be nice to go back into an environment where this is my sole focus to meet people. It’s going to be weird, it’s exciting. I’m going to be fully immersed in the experience rather than thinking ‘I haven’t got time for this’. 

"Also I get cheated on a lot so it would be nice to find someone who doesn’t cheat on me. 

"I don’t want to rush in but I would like to find my husband." 

Three new contestants for latest Lovestruck High episodes


Lovestruck High contestant Alexis Pete Dadds

Alexis Andre Jnr is a professional footballer, model and content creator from France. This 24-year-old heartthrob is set to get pulses racing during a class trip to 'Camp Crush'. The Goalkeeper for Dover Athletic, who previously played for Bristol Rovers, has amassed a following of 3.9m on TikTok from his comedic videos which often touch on dating and relationships. He has temporarily hung up his football boots to join the students of Lovestruck High as a surprise new classmate.


Lovestruck High contestant Beth Pete Dadds

New classmate Beth is set to shake up the school as she heads into Camp Crush. The 21-year-old from Surrey is an extreme sport enthusiast and loves to bungee jump and sky-dive. Heading into Lovestruck High, she is looking for a like-minded girl, who can match her energy and confidence. Beth says she’s excited to go back to school with the knowledge that she's gay so she can go back and do the experience as her true self.


Lovestruck High contestant Kyle Pete Dadds

Musician and Gardener, Kyle, is a 20-year-old pansexual male living in Oxfordshire. He has described his ideal boy as someone "flamboyant with good dress sense, like Harry Styles, Russell Brand or Timothée Chalamet", and his dream girl as "arty with a bleach blonde sort of look". Will Kyle be able to sing his way into the hearts of our students or will he hit a dud note and be sent packing?

Get the Lovestruck High soundtrack playlist

Following the launch of Lovestruck High last week, Prime Video has curated the ultimate nostalgic 90s and 00's soundtrack for you to dive into this summer

Featuring hits from pop punk icons Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Sum 41 to cheesy pop tunes from Backstreet Boys, Pussycat Dolls and Jamiroquai, this throwback playlist will give you over 2 hours of nostalgic tunes to get jiggy to if you've been loving the Lovestruck High soundtrack.

How many episodes of Lovestruck High are there?

There are eight episodes of Lovestruck High, which take the 15 contestants all the wat from the first day of school right through to the drama of the Senior Class Prom., when we find out who will be crowned Prom Royalty and win the $100,000 prize. 

The episode titles are:

  • Episode 1: Homecoming
  • Episode 2: House Party
  • Episode 3: Spellng Bee
  • Episode 4: Camp Crush
  • Episode 5: Valentine's Dance
  • Episode 6: Talent Show
  • Episode 7: Promposals
  • Episode 8: Prom

What is the Lovestruck High release date?

Lovestruck High starts on Prime Video with three episodes released on 18 May.

Three more episodes will be released on 25 May and the final 2 are released on 1 June.

Where can I watch Lovestruck High?

Watch Lovestruck High weekly on Prime Video.

Who is the Lovestruck High narrator?

The narrator for the series is the Hollywood actress and star of teen movie classic Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan.

Who else is in Lovestruck High?

Lovestruck High faculty Prime Video

No American High School would be complete without a no-nonsense principal who majors in tough love; a kind and caring teacher who offers the kids a shoulder to cry on; and a coach who would rather forget about the academic side of things in pursuit of sporting glory.

Lovestruck High is no exception, and its three faculty members are waiting to put the love-seeking students through their paces:

Principal Nelson (played by British comic Ria Lina)

"I’ve seen all of their videos and they have some bad dating habits that need to be straightened out. There will be guidance, tough love and some reality checks. Just because you think you know who you are in your 20s, doesn’t mean you are the best person you can be. I have expectations and I want them exceeded."

Miss Kelly (played by US actress Chloe Zeitounian)

"I hope that I will be compassionate and fair, and also assertive enough to draw some lines because I bet there will be some strong personalities in this class. I really hope that I will be able to build a space that is inclusive and where they can feel safe to take risks and be honest (and maybe fall in love!)."

Coach Hughes (played by comedian Russell Hicks)

"Coach is ignorant but positive. Everything he says he means well even if he misses the point. He does fancy himself an expert on love because he has been divorced three times. A lot of people would say that makes him the opposite of an expert, but he doesn’t see it that way. He has done three ‘tours of duty’ as he calls them and he feels this has given him an incredible wealth of knowledge to pass on to the kids."

Where is Lovestruck High filmed?

Where did the Prime Video series find the sweeping grounds and striking architecture to create the dreamy Lovestruck High?

The show was filmed in Devon, UK, an ideal setting with its undulating hills and mature woodland which could be mistaken for a verdant New England state such as New Hampshire or Vermont. 

Talking about the set design and production, producers Studio Lambert revealed: "The school is impressive and imposing, offering epic scale and has great locations including a long central corridor, large assembly hall and cafeteria. In addition to the main buildings, the school offers a wealth of exterior locations - including a leafy campsite area and stunning 'house party' location, giving the ultimate party vibes.

"The design team created a high school that is nostalgic and nods to the classic high school movies of the 90s and 00s. However, it was important not to tie the design to a specific year. The set dressing draws heavily from the 'High school' movie genre. Blue lockers were added throughout the corridors, a baseball diamond was created plus the all-important bleachers put in to watch all the action. Naturally, we had to have a yellow school bus to transport the students to and from school."

Watch Lovestruck High on Prime Video from 18 May.