Clarkson's Farm season 2: Kaleb Cooper on 'dangerous' Jeremy, I'm a Celeb and the show's new star - Attack Cow

Clarkson’s Farm breakout star Kaleb Cooper reveals what fans can expect when Diddly Squat reopens its doors for a second season on Prime Video.

By Alex Fletcher Updated: 9 February 2023 - 5.26pm

Clarkson’s Farm reopens its gates for season 2 this month and fans can expect more unusual agricultural adventures from Jeremy and his team on Diddly Squat Farm.

The breakout star of season 1 was Chipping Norton native Kaleb Cooper, whose love of farming and patience with Clarkson endeared him to viewers.

Kaleb suddenly found himself with over one million Instagram followers and the centre of attention at the British Farming Awards.

“I’m not a very big fan of big crowds. I feel very claustrophobic,” said the reluctant star.

“But as long as I’m inspiring that young kid to go out there, and maybe start a job or go and get an apprenticeship – that’s what I really like about the whole thing, to be honest.

Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper Prime Video

“If I can make someone’s day, it means quite a lot to me. And I get an adrenaline boost from that.”

Ahead of the season 2 release on Prime Video on 10 February, here is Kaleb’s guide to year 2 on the farm…

Jeremy is getting dangerous

"The problem I’ve got now is that Jeremy’s got a little knowledge. That’s dangerous. That’s very dangerous. I’ll tell him to do something, and he goes and does it completely the wrong way and it annoys me. 

Kaleb Cooper on Clarkson's Farm Prime Video

"Before, he’d do it wrong because he didn’t know what he was doing. Now he does it wrong because he thinks he’s got a good reason.

"I’ll say, ‘I told you to do it one way, so do it that way. Don’t not listen to me’. He’s very good at talking the talk with farming, but he’s not got all the practical skills like me.

"He’ll talk farming all day long but in terms of practical skills, he can just about pick up a hammer."

Get ready to meet Attack Cow

Kaleb Cooper farming with cows Prime Video

“Cows beat sheep any day, don’t they? They’ve got personality. The whole herd is amazing. I’m a massive cow fan. I started as an apprentice on a cow farm. The personalities they’ve got – you get that one cow that loves you to pieces. Then another cow who’s funny all the time. And you get that one cow who just literally hates you.

"Well, there was definitely one cow in that herd that hated Jeremy, I tell you.

"We called her the Attack Cow. She was just protecting her calf, and Jeremy got in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t think she really meant it. The cows hate the drones, and they hate the cameras. The Attack Cow would chase the cameraman whenever he got near them.

"She was fine with me, she was fine with everybody else, but she would chase this one cameraman out of the pen and Jeremy was in the wrong place at the wrong time too."

TB challenges the farm

Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper Prime Video

"I’ve seen many a farm go down with TB and I’ve seen the upset it causes. It’s always a worry. If you’ve got cows, you worry about TB. It’s very tough. Say, for example, all your money is tied up in a car. You can’t drive that car anymore, but you have to keep putting fuel in it every day.

"You have to keep putting new tyres on it every day. You have to keep putting on wing mirrors. But you can’t sell it, therefore you can’t get any money back. That’s what happens when TB gets into a farm. You can’t sell any livestock, but you have to continue funding the whole farm and the animal feed and obviously there’s no profit coming back in so it’s always at a loss."

Clarkson's Farm season 2 is released on Friday, 10 February on Amazon Prime Video

Kaleb Cooper: In Profile

Kaleb Cooper on Clarkson's Farm Prime Video

Has being on TV made Kaleb rich?

"Everyone thinks I’m a millionaire or a billionaire or whatever because I’ve been on television once. Well, unfortunately, that’s not how it quite works.

"Every bit of money that I do get, I save. I want to buy my own farm. I don’t go out there clubbing every weekend. I don’t go out drinking at the pub until I’ve got no money left. I literally save as much money as I can to buy a farm. And around me, that’s very hard, because it’s so expensive here.

"But I’ll be a very happy man if I can buy a farm. It’s a dream of mine. I’m determined to make that dream work."

How old is Kaleb Cooper?

The young farming contractor is only 24.

Is Kaleb Cooper married?

Kaleb announced his engagement to long-term girlfriend Taya on Boxing Day, 2022.

The couple have a son, Oscar, and announced in November 2022 that they were expecting another baby.

In January 2023, they announced that their second child would be a girl via a gender reveal which saw pink smoke coming out of their tractors' exhausts.

Does Kaleb Cooper have a book?

The farming expert released his first book, The World According to Kaleb, in 2022.

The book shares Kaleb’s thoughts on philosophy, celebrities, and farming.

Is Kaleb Cooper related to Gerald Cooper?

Despite the coincidence of the two Chipping Norton locals working together on Clarkson’s Farm, the pair are not related.

Would Kaleb do I'm Celebrity?

"Yeah. One day, when I get a passport.

"You never know. I look at everything. I mean, it depends on the travel. I’ve got to try and venture out a little bit, but we’ll see what gets thrown this way, and then see what happens. You never know what the future holds, do you?"