The Grand Tour has been forced to change its travel plans after the global pandemic meant that filming Amazon Prime Video's globetrotting TV series had to be put on hold.

Plans for a special in Russia were put on hold and instead, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond spent last summer in Scotland as they travelled from Edinburgh to the Outer Hebrides for their next big adventure.

The Scotland special will be released on Prime Video later this year.

Rather than wait for international travel to open up again, the presenters have quickly got back to work in the UK and starting filming a new Britain-based special in April.

Fans and local news reports have spotted the trio up to their usual antics in multiple locations across Wales and England in recent weeks.

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Here is everything you need to know about the new UK Grand Tour Special…

Where is The Grand Tour filming in the UK?

The Grand Tour presenters have been spotted filming in locations including Crickhowell in Powys in Wales, Eastbourne and Beachy Head in East Sussex and Leamington in Warwickshire.

Fans spotted Richard Hammond driving a Renault Scenic in a quiet street in Wales, while local press in Eastbourne spotted Hammond and May filming for the special.

Local press in the Midlands confirmed that the trio were shooting The Grand Tour at a retail park in Leamington Spa.

And Clarkson has posted a picture on his Instagram account of a Citroen CM at Beachy Head, where the trio have also been filming.

When is the next Grand Tour special released?

The Grand Tour Scotland special, which was filmed in 2020, will definitely be released in 2021.

It is not confirmed whether the latest UK special will also be released this year or whether we will have to wait until early 2022. As soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know.

What happened to the Russian special?

Speaking to BT TV in autumn 2020, The Grand Tour’s executive producer Andy Wilman said: “Right now we should be preparing the Russia film we were supposed to shoot last February. We’re not going to get to doing that for a while because nothing is certain enough.

“These films take months to plan and by planning I mean spending money. And if you spend money and things get shoved back you don’t get the money back. And we can’t blow money on things that will just go to waste. We have to wait until we can plan with confidence.”

James May said: “The Russia plan is simply postponed until we don’t know when, but we haven’t cancelled it. We’re just having to put it in the cupboard at the moment but we will get it out one day and finish it off.”

How to watch The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour A Massive Hunt poster Prime Video

Watch The Grand Tour season 1-3 on Amazon Prime Video.

The Grand Tour Presents specials, Seamen and A Massive Hunt, are also available now on Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is also the home of James May’s travel series Our Man in Japan and cookery show, Oh Cook and Richard Hammonds’ pop science series The Great Escapists.

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