Peter Crouch, Maya Jama and Alex Horne are back to save our summer with the biggest party of the year – Crouchy’s Year Late Euros.

After all the big games, the trio will be broadcasting live from a studio near Wembley Stadium to bring you all the latest reactions to the match as well as special guests and live music from Alex Horne and The Horne Section.

We caught up with Horne to find out more about the series and his own TV Passions…

I genuinely am a football fan…

When I go to sleep at night I think about football instead of my children. The band are half and half. We’ve got three really passionate football fans and three who don’t really know the rules. That’s quite nice because Crouchy’s Year Late Euros isn’t supposed to be just for football fans, it’s supposed to appeal to everyone. I wish there was an international tournament every year. I don’t really like friendlies, but I love an international tournament. I mark my life with World Cups and Euros.

The nation loves Peter Crouch because…

Peter Crouch dancing the robot after scoring for Stoke City Getty

My experience with him is that he’s very disarming, very genuine and he feels like the boy next door. He’s the boy who likes playing football, but also mucks around and is cheeky and funny. When you look back at his career, he always looked like he was having a laugh back then as well.

You think about the robot celebration and playing with a smile on his face, he always stood out – not just for his height, but also his attitude. There is no pretension, he’ll chat with anyone and he’s just a very funny bloke.

My favourite football song is…

I am Liverpool fan so the Anfield Rap with John Barnes is a favourite. World in Motion is probably my favourite England song. And I know David Baddiel and Frank Skinner fairly well and Three Lions is a song with an amazing story, the fact everyone was singing it at Wembley and they were there in the stands and the fact it still gets sung today. It also holds the Guinness World Record for the greatest number of places a song has fallen from number one in a week, after England got knocked out. 

The band have also played it a few times with Frank Skinner and it never fails to stir something in me.

It’s great to be doing the show live because…

Whatever happens we’ve got to do the show… If England beat Germany 4-0 in the semi-final everyone will want to watch the show afterwards because the party will still be going out. But if we go out in the group stage, well… hopefully we’ll still be entertaining, but the tone of the show will very much dependent on the performances.

I should say as well, it will be a home nations show. My kids are supporting Scotland and I’m supporting them as much as England, so I want all the home nations to get through to the semi-finals and then it will be carnage.

I haven’t asked Crouchy to do Taskmaster because…

Peter Crouch presenting Crouchy's Late Night Euros BBC

I have a boss and that boss is Greg Davies. I don’t want to hurt his feelings or let him down. And I worry Peter would threaten Greg’s natural height advantage over people. We did do the Christmas special last year with people who aren’t comedians, so there is precedent now.

I’m still slightly star-struck by Peter if I’m honest. He offered me a round of golf after the last series and I still haven’t called him out on it. So the answer is no I haven't asked Peter to do Taskmaster, but I would love to. And if this series goes well, you never know.

Celebrities do ask to take part in Taskmaster…

When we started off it was quite hard to persuade people that this would be a fun thing to do. We had Stephen Graham, one of my favourite actors, on Peter Crouch Save our Summer last year and he turned out to be a massive Taskmaster fans. He watches it with his kids and he was keen to do it.

It’s very flattering and exciting when that sort of things happens. And the whole Wolves football team do their own version of Taskmaster on YouTube, which I couldn’t believe when I stumbled upon that.

The Bad Golf series will probably stay on YouTube…

My golf has got so much worse over lockdown. I’m quite happy for it to stay a YouTube thing if I’m completely honest because it is what it is. Two blokes, playing golf. I like YouTube because it’s unfiltered. We just turn up and film it. But having said that, there should be more funny golf on telly.

I could watch golf all day, but I can see why to most people it’s pretty boring. Whereas when I play golf you have no idea where the ball is going. That’s more exciting than professionals hitting it down the middle every time.

My favourite lockdown TV is…

I’m quite a boring box set person. Me and my wife find a series and then watch only that. We’ve watch This Is Us on Amazon Prime and The Good Fight. On home territory, the series Pls Like, which is brilliant. And the new Alan Partridge is just great. So it’s either American box sets or British comedy.

If I could go on any TV show I would pick…

Maya Jama, Peter Crouch and Alex Horne presenting Crouchy's Year Late Euros BBC

I’m pretty lucky, the two shows that I wanted do I’ve done. The original Countdown in the glory years with Vorderman, I went on that as a normal contestant. And Would I Lie To You? Is my favourite comedy panel show and I got to do that last year.

I’m always envious of the people who get to play in the big charity football match Soccer Aid. But I also know, I would probably be subbed off within a minute because I’m unfit and old. But playing at Wembley or Old Trafford in front of a crowd, I would like that.

When I was young I wanted to be…

Alex Horne's hero Ian Rush playing for Liverpool Getty

I remember saying when I grew up I wanted to be Ian Rush. It was always football more than anything.

I watched a lot of Ken Dodd when I was a kid and he was a hero of mine. And when I got a bit older Ross Noble was someone who I used to like and still do, I think he’s amazing. But I was never obsessed with music or comedy.

My friends used to like music and I’d pretend to like it and put up a poster of Metallica. This was never the plan to end up doing this sort of thing.

Crouchy’s Year Late Euros start on Friday, June 11 at 10.55pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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