“Look through cocaine and you’ll see the world…”

A brand new high-end drama about the international cocaine trade and its economic and political effects is garnering a lot of buzz following the release of its thrilling trailer.

ZeroZeroZero, from the makers of the TV series Gomorrah, is based on the book of the same name by international bestselling author Roberto Saviano.

From the release date to filming locations, here’s what we know about ZeroZeroZero on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK.

When is ZeroZeroZero on TV?

The ZeroZeroZero season 1 box set is available to stream on Sky Atlantic with the NOW Entertainment Membership. The first season consists of eight episodes.

Is there a trailer?

Yes - get excited  with the full-length trailer for ZeroZeroZero below:

What's it about?

ZeroZeroZero follows the journey of a cocaine shipment, from the moment a powerful Italian cartel purchases it, to its packaging in Mexico and shipment across the Atlantic Ocean. 

Dane Dehaan in ZeroZeroZero © Zero Cubed

We follow its journey until it reaches its final delivery and payment in Europe. An epic power struggle is sparked throughout the chain, and from the local dealers to the most powerful boss in the hierarchy of international organised crime, lives and livelihoods hang in the balance.

Who stars in ZeroZeroZero?

The series stars Andrea Riseborough (Waco, Bloodline), Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Gabriel Byrne (Maniac, The Usual Suspects), Giuseppe De Domencio (Goldfish), Adriano Chiaramida (The Young Montalbano), Harold Torres (Run Coyote Run, El Chapo), Tcheky Karyo (Baptiste, The Missing) and Francesco Colella (Trust).

Dane DeHaan: ZeroZeroZero 'takes a stance I don’t think a show has ever done before’


Andrea Riseborough in ZeroZeroZero © Zero Cubed

Where was ZeroZeroZero filmed?

The series took 148 days to shoot, across three continents and five countries (Italy, Mexico, Morocco, the USA and Senegal) in more than 300 locations. 

Deadline reports that the first weeks of shooting were in New Orleans, United States, before filming moved on to Mexico, Italy and Africa.

Rather than shooting the whole series in one language, each local language is used: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic and Wolof.

Is it based on a true story?

The specific characters and plot are fictional, but they are based on a huge amount of real-life research.

The TV series is based on the internationally bestselling book ZeroZeroZero, written by Italian writer and essayist Roberto Saviano, where he explored the inner workings of the world of drugs and dirty money.

From Mexican cartels to Milanese financiers, Guatemalan mercenaries to Ukrainian warlords, Calabrian traffickers to the traders in Wall Street and London who wash the money clean, Saviano’s book went around the globe to show the extent to which the drug trade affects us all.

The Independent called the book a "dense, dazzling, dizzying narrative about the terrifying violence of the cocaine trade, but also the vast, unassailable reach of it".

Saviano is also an executive producer on the TV adaptation.

He previously developed his book Gomorrah,  a gritty Italian crime drama about the brutal Neapolitan crime organisation, the Camorra, for television.

ZeroZeroZero is streaming now on Sky Atlantic with the NOW TV Entertainment Membership.


Main image copyright: © Zero Cubed

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