You season 3: All you need to know about the return of Netflix’s psychological thriller

The Netflix thriller starring Penn Badgley as unhinged killed Joe Goldberg has had viewers hooked for the last two seasons – so is there a third on the way?

By Becky Gamester-Newton Published: 17 November 2020 - 3.56pm
Netflix Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg in You season 3

You is the perfect Netflix boxset binge. It stars Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, an unhinged killer whose obsessions with his love interests get way out of hand.

Packed with shocking cliffhangers, gory twists and generally unnerving scenes, fans are desperate to know whether Joe will be back for another run – and they’re in for some good news…

Will there be a You season 3?

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You season 3 Netflix

In January 2020, Netflix announced that You had been commissioned for a third season – and, as with the first two seasons, that there would be 10 episodes available on the streaming platform.

Along with the renewal announcement, Netflix said the new series would be available to stream in 2021.

Production began in February 2020 and the writing team continued to meet via Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic. The show was back in production in November 2020.

Previous seasons have aired in the autumn, so it should still air in 2021 as planned despite the delays.

What will You season 3 be about?

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti in You season 3 Netflix

*Warning: Spoiler Alert!*

At the end of season 2, we saw Joe happily settled with his pregnant girlfriend Love (Victoria Pedretti) – who was revealed to also be a killer after murdering Joe’s ex Candance and his neighbour Delilah.

However, the final moment of the season showed Joe spying on his female neighbour through the fence - narrating: “I will figure out a way, a way to get to you. See you soon, neighbour” - and surely signalling a new obsession.

Penn hasn’t revealed much about this final plot twist or the neighbour’s identity, though he did tell “She’s definitely not his mom. I can say that.”

Who is in the You season 3 cast?

Jenna Ortega plays Ellie in You season 3 Netflix

It has been confirmed that Penn and Victoria return as Joe and Love in season three.

There will also be three additions to the show – Travis Van Winkle as a self-proclaimed and mysterious-sounding ‘master of self-optimisation’, Shalita Grant as a local mother and social media influencer, and Scott Speedman as a high-flying businessman and reserved husband.

While Netflix hasn't confirmed a full cast list, potential returners include Love’s friends Sunrise (Melanie Field), Lucy (Marielle Scott) and Gabe (Charlie Bennett). Teenager Ellie (Jenna Ortega) also survived and is even receiving money from Joe, so she would surely be a safe bet.

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