Written by the creator of hit series Money Heist, White Lines is an explosive and twist-filled whodunit about DJs, drugs, youth, friendship and romance.

The series is released on Netflix on Friday, May 15 and the cast includes Laura Haddock (Guardians of the Galaxy), Daniel Mays (Line of Duty), Laurence Fox (Victoria) and Angela Griffin (Turn Up Charlie).

Set in Ibiza, the series follows Zoe, a young woman searching for the truth about her brother Axel’s death, after he disappeared on the Spanish island over 20 years ago.

One of the most striking elements of the fast-paced thriller is the gorgeous setting, as the show take us on a glorious sunshine tour of the White Isle.

However, not all the series was filmed on location in Ibiza, so keep your eyes peeled for stunning scenery right across Spain and the Balearics.

Where was White Lines filmed?

Tom Rhys Harries and Cel Spellman among the young cast of White Lines Netflix

The series was shot across different countries and locations, taking the cast from “rainy” Manchester to the Spanish sun.

Although lots of filming was done in Ibiza, the 25-week stretch it took to shoot all 10 episodes meant that it also visited the Spanish mainland and neighbouring islands.

The cast visited Majorca, where Netflix filmed 2018 Idris Elba series Turn Up Charlie, as well as the mediterranean city of Almeria and the Spanish capital, Madrid.

“It’s such a beautiful, beautiful country Spain,” said Angela Griffin, who plays Anna in White Lines.

“The problem is you sometimes forget you’re filming and think you’re on your holiday. And when you wrapping it up on your hotel roof at 3am and you’ve got a pick-up at 7am you can run into a bit of trouble!”

What were the cast highlights?

Laura Haddock in White Lines Netflix

“It was beautiful and absolutely stunning,” said Hollywood star Laura Haddock.

“The cinematographers on White Lines were just so talented. Absolute visionaries. I would step out onto set and often say, ‘Gosh, how lucky we are’. To be people working in that environment, playing in it and bring characters to life in it. It was real pinch-yourself moments.

“My character drove this Vespa, and I vowed to get one when I came back to London. But I got back to London and thought, ‘Yeah, it’s not going to feel the same’. Being on the scooter behind the bus doesn’t really match having the ocean to the left of me and mountains to the other side.”

Radio 1 DJ and Cold Feet star Cel Spellman, who plays young Marcus on the show, said: “It was a far cry from rainy grey Manchester. It was great to have some time topping up the vitamin D levels.

“It was incredible to film out there, the Old Town was stunning.

“Also the house in Majorca where we filmed Axel’s birthday party, it’s like a town within itself. You need a golf buggy to get around it and it opened up onto the sea.

“To have a week there was a real buzz. I’ll probably never see a place like that again.”

How were the wild party scenes filmed?

Tom Rhys Harries and Cel Spellman among the young cast of White Lines Netflix

Tom Rhys Harries, who plays young DJ Axel, the character at the centre of the show’s murder mystery, took advice from his co-star Nuno Lopes for the big set-piece party scenes.

“Nuno, who plays Boxer, is a DJ in real life. I spoke to him quite a bit about what it’s like to be in a communion of people,” said Harries.

“I don’t want to sound hyperbolic, but Alex’s writing taps into something really human and it grabs you. Those big party sequences look like everyone is partying, but it’s just people communicating and having a big communion.”

Harries says that the authentic nature of the raves and wild partying is a credit to the supporting artists who were recruited in Spain.

“Our supporting artists were from Madrid or Majorca and they brought a whole new energy to those scenes,” he said.

“The energy they brought took it to a whole new level and that’s what made it believable. We had the absolute best time – it was a free license to go party and feel like a DJ.”

Cel Spellman, who plays Axel’s close friend Marcus, also revealed that the big birthday party scenes were shot in Majorca at a venue being hired out the next week by a VIP.

“Rafa Nadal was having his wedding at that house the weekend after we filmed,” he said. “You could not get two more contrasting events.”

When is White Lines released?

Daniel Mays in White Lines Netflix

All 10 episodes of White Lines are available on Netflix now.

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