If you love dark crime dramas like Luther and Killing Eve, you’re going to be addicted to We Hunt Together this summer.

A brand new psychological thriller, the series has a delicious blend of macabre humour, disturbing killers and a pair of detectives with two very different philosophies on crime.

Here is a quick guide to the cast and guest stars who will be thrilling you in the series…

Eve Myles plays DS Lola Franks

Eve Myles in We Hunt Together UKTV

“Lola Franks has been working in London for many years as a Detective Sergeant (DS). When you meet Lola, you feel straight away that there’s something wrong, there’s something critical that’s happened,” said Myles. T

“Three years previously something did happen, where she was involved in a situation that stopped her life and she has lived in pure guilt and hatred for herself ever since. So, she’s locked in this awful self-hatred bubble that she’s happy to be in because she believes that she doesn’t deserve anything better from here on in, that she should be punished. Then she meets Jackson Mendy, her new partner, who comes in and shakes things up.”

Speaking about episode one, Myles said: “You find her where she’s happiest, which is at work. That is until her ray on sunshine Jackson turns up at work. You find her in a place where she is comfortable and likes to be. Throughout the first episode, you find her very cold and prickly and not wanting to be seen or connected to everything.

“The character Babou plays keeps poking her in ways she doesn’t want to be poked. You find her in a very vulnerable place and across the series you find out how she got here and why this relationship with Jackson is so difficult for her to make work.”

Eve Myles is best known for her roles in the drama series Keeping Faith, Broadchurch, playing Gwen Cooper in Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood and BBC Dickens adaptation Little Dorrit.

Babou Ceesay plays DI Jackson Mendy

Babou Ceesay in We Hunt Together UKTV

Talking about his character, Ceesay said: “It’s made clear at the start of the series that Jackson has just moved over from internal affairs and is now part of the homicide team. I think the thing that’s distinctive about Jackson is that he looks at the bright side of life.

“I suppose he’s someone who is a bit of an idealist. His father told him at a young age that you can judge a society by the behaviour of police officers. He took that really to heart and joined the police force, despite having many options. He went in as someone who investigates crimes committed by other police officers and he’s got to a point in his life and his career where he wants a new challenge.

Explaining the dynamic between the two detectives, he said: “In many ways Jackson’s narrative doesn’t exist without Lola’s narrative. It’s what reveals who he is. He has a very specific view on life. He’s new to homicide and he’s working with someone very experienced and this is going to test his theory on life – that nobody is to blame, things just happen because of who you are, you can choose to be positive even if everything around you is negative.

“This theoretical, philosophical idea is suddenly going to be challenged, not only by the murders he is dealing with, but also by his colleague who is no-nonsense, very grounded and who makes things get done and done properly.”

Babou Ceesay’s impressive screen career includes a Bafta nomination for Damiola, Our Loved Boy, Channel 4’s critically acclaimed National Treasure, appearances in Luther, Strike Back and Getting On, a recurring role in AMC’s Into the Badlands, and starring alongside Idris Elba in Sky Atlantic’s Guerrilla.

Hermione Corfield plays Freddy

Hermione Corfield as Freddy in We Hunt Together UKTV

“I don’t think anyone really knows who Freddy is,” said Corfield.

“I think she has a solid idea of what she is and what she believes in. She’s described as a free spirit, but I think it’s more than that. I think she has a set of ideals that are completely alien to most people, but she strongly believes them, and she has a way of going about her life where she doesn’t rely on anyone else.

The actress added: “Obviously she’s incredibly complex. She has the ability to be a chameleon and shape-shift to whatever scenario she finds herself in. What drew me to her was this survival instinct she has.

“She manipulates people to get what she wants and she is a survivor and she’s a hustler. I thought that was really interesting.”

Hermione Corfield’s appeared in movies including Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Mr Holmes, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Her previous TV credits include the ITV period drama The Halycon.

Dipo Ola plays Baba

Diplo Ola in We Hunt Together UKTV

“Baba is a person who grew up in the Congo”, explains Ola. “He was unfortunate enough to be involved in the child soldier industry, as I like to call it, which ended up scarring him for a large portion of his life.

“He then sought refuge, moved to the UK and spent five years living under the radar. When we meet him, he’s just trying to live a normal life or as normal as he can. I think he’s a person who doesn’t necessarily know he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as I don’t think it’s an option or that the language is available in Congo. He knows these are terrible things but maybe he doesn’t attribute those necessary terms to them, so I think he’s a person coming off the back of dealing with lots of trauma and it’s at that moment that he meets Freddy.”

Talking about his dynamic with Freddie, he added: I think for Baba it’s interesting because at the base of it, he doesn’t really need to express anything. At least he doesn’t think so until Freddy comes along.

She awakens something in him. He’s gone from extremes to extremes. He’s been through a lot more than his years suggest and that’s an interesting thing to wrestle with.”

Diplo Ola is a relative newcomer to TV, but you may have previously seen him in Channel 4’s Baghdad Central or in an episode of BBC comedy Inside No 9.

Guest cast

Nigel Harman guest stars in We Hunt Together UKTV

Nigel Harman

Harman is best known for playing the smouldering Albert Square heartthrob Dennis Rickman in EastEnders.

He’s also starred in Hotel Babylon, Sky One comedy Mount Pleasant, Downton Abbey and the London production of Shrek the Musical.

Kris Marshall in We Hunt Together UKTV

Kris Marshall

Marshall is best known for appearing in the BBC sitcom My Family and the popular detective series Death In Paradise.

He also appeared in the movie Love Actually and recently starred in ITV’s Jane Austen adaptation Sanditon.

Steffan Rhodri in We Hunt Together UKTV

Steffan Rhodri

Rhodri is easily recognisable for playing the role of Dave Coaches in BBC sitcom Gavin and Stacey. He’s also appeared in the Harry Potter series as Reg Cattermole and starred in TV series including Apple Tree Yard, Keeping Faith, Manhunt, Temple and A Very English Scandal.

Vickie Pepperdine in We Hunt Together UKTV

Vicki Pepperdine

Pepperdine is best known for starring in and co-writing the awaes-winning BBC comedy Getting On. Her TV credits also include the Rev, Twenty Twelve, Camping, The Windsors, I’m Alan Partridge, Nighty Night and Lovesick.

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