Viewpoint: Cast, release date and everything you need to know about the ITV drama

Noel Clarke stars as a surveillance officer in a tense and claustrophobic new thriller that explores whether we can ever observe others objectively.

By Becky Gamester-Newton Published: 15 April 2021 - 10.03am
Drama Noel Clarke


ITV Noel Clarke stars in Viewpoint on ITV

Noel Clarke is the man of the moment.

Already in 2021, he’s returned for a third season of Bulletproof, co-starred in Sky Cinema action movie SAS: Red Notice and appeared in and produced Twist, a modern take on the classic Oliver Twist story.

He was also one of the producers behind Channel 5 drama The Drowning, which was made by his production company Unstoppable.

And now he’s showing off his acting repertoire further in ITV’s surveillance thriller Viewpoint.

Find out all you need to know about the new drama…

What is Viewpoint about, and how many episodes are there?

Noel Clarke stars as DC Martin Young in Viewpoint ITV/Tiger Aspect Productions 2020

Viewpoint is a five-part drama about a tense police surveillance investigation into a Manchester community following the disappearance of primary school teacher Gemma Hillman.

DC Martin Young keeps watch on the community from the home of Zoe Sterling, whose window commands a panoramic view of Westbury Square – and he has a great view of Gemma’s home, which she shares with boyfriend and prime suspect Greg Sullivan.

ITV describes the show as “a contemporary, character-driven mystery with a seductively intimate feel” that’s “as much about friendship, trust and community as it is about solving a crime”.

Tiger Aspect Productions' head of drama and executive producer Lucy Bedford said the show is “a compelling, tense, claustrophobic thriller that turns the spotlight on the observer rather than the observed”.

When is Viewpoint on ITV?

Viewpoint will be broadcast on ITV at 9pm over five nights from Monday April 26 until Friday April 30. 

Filming locations

Viewpoint was the first ITV drama to begin filming after all UK TV production went into lockdown in the spring of 2020.

Filming took place at Space Studios in Manchester and various other locations across the city.

Viewpoint cast and characters

DC Martin Young – Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke plays DC Martin Young in Viewpoint ITV/RED

Martin is a Manchester surveillance officer sidelined from CID two years ago after a mistake that nearly killed his partner, Hayley. He sets up his observation post in the home of single mum Zoe, who helps Martin come back to life.

Noel Clarke on Martin Young

“It’s a character that resonated with me because he had the trauma and then afterwards he was so considered and so still. If you know me, I’m the least still person you’ll ever meet!

“Just meeting Zoe, she’s like a whirlwind to him and just intrigued him in a way that used to be - a bit more free when he used to work with Hayley before. I think that just intrigues him and pulls him in. It kind of pulls him back out of his shell.”

Where have you seen Noel Clarke before?

Bulletproof, Kidulthood, Doctor Who

Noel Clarke’s best movies and TV shows

Zoe Sterling – Alexandra Roach

Alexandra Roach plays Zoe Sterling in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Zoe is a single mother to 10-year-old Caitlin and is a secret voyeur. She’s also a friend to Gemma, who goes missing in the first episode and sparks the investigation. On a ‘break’ from boyfriend Tim, she becomes more attached to Martin – but she struggles to keep hold of her daughter.

Alexandra Roach on Zoe Sterling

“Zoe’s been waiting for something like this, an exciting chapter in her life, to happen for years.

“When [Martin] turns up with his kit… she feels alive again.

“She’s flawed and she’s messy and that really contradicted what energy he brings into her flat.”

Where have you seen Alexandra Roach before?

Utopia, Killing Eve, Black Mirror

Greg Sullivan – Fehinti Balogun

Fehinti Balogun plays Greg Sullivan in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Greg is the boyfriend of Gemma, who goes missing. He instantly becomes the prime suspect over her disappearance and while the community turns against him, he is tormented by her loss.

Fehinti Balogun on Greg Sullivan

“In no point in the show, I don’t think, does he have like a confidante.

“When [he comes] out into the world, for Greg it’s either ‘OK I can challenge this thing’ or I just have to deal with it. And he makes a choice to… not even deal with it, just let it happen. I think he finds it incredibly difficult.”

Where have you seen Fehinti Balogun before?

I May Destroy You, Informer

Carl Tuckman – Dominic Allburn

Dominic Allburn plays Carl Tuckman in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Who is Carl?

Carl is Kate’s husband – but he has a wandering eye. He came to the UK from Poland as a builder, and his career skyrocketed when he joined the family business of Kate’s father Bill, who’s a property mogul.

Where have you seen Dominic Allburn before?

Between Two Worlds, A Place To Call Home

Kate Tuckman – Catherine Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley plays Kate Tuckman in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Kate is a social media influencer and the beating heart of her social circle. However, despite the glossy facade she is tormented by jealousy and secrets of her past.

Catherine Tyldesley on Kate Tuckman

“She is so in love with Carl – she will do anything to keep hold of Carl and that is her life’s sole objective is to keep hold of this man that she is not just in love with, obsessed with.

"They have a wonderful relationship but she is fully aware that Carl has his infidelities. That is tearing her up inside especially when she tries to create this perfect world for her and her family.

“She’s a brilliant mum. Her childhood was very rocky and abusive you - her father was a drunk. She had a really bad time growing up but for her to be a good mum and a good wife is everything, to create this family unit, is what she truly wants from life.

Where have you seen Catherine Tyldesley before?

Coronation Street (playing Eva Price), Scarborough, Lilies

DC Stella Beckett – Bronagh Waugh

Bronagh Waugh plays Stella Beckett in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

On one hand, Stella can be lazy – but on the other she has razor-sharp instincts and strong decision-making skills. Stella is very fond of Martin, perhaps more than he realises.

Bronagh Waugh on Stella Beckett

“Stella is messy and fiery and feisty and rough round the edges. She cuts corners with her job sometimes. She’s not perfect.

“I love… how that mixes with Martin being a bit more sensitive. They’re very yin and yang, but that’s what complements each other.”

Where have you seen Bronagh Waugh before?

The Fall, Hollyoaks, Unforgotten

DCI Jill Conroy – Sarah Niles

Sarah Niles plays Jill Conroy in Viewpoint

Jill is the senior investigating officer of Gemma’s disappearance. As Martin’s ex-boss, she understands what he’s been through and takes him seriously – though doesn’t always agree with his observations on the case.

Sarah Niles on Jill Conroy

“She knows that time is of the essence. A woman is missing and the longer you leave it, the harder it gets to find where she is and who’s responsible for that.

“I think she does somehow have a little slight soft spot for Martin because they’ve got history and they were part of a unit together - but she doesn’t want to mess it up.”

Where have you seen Sarah Niles before?

I May Destroy You, Catastrophe, Rocks

DI Liam Cox – Phil Davis

Phil Davis plays Liam Cox in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Liam is head of Manchester’s specialist surveillance unit and Stella’s boss. In Martin, he saw a quietly passionate cop who deserved a second chance, and has become a father figure to him.

Phil Davis on Liam Cox

“Liam Cox keeps a fatherly eye on [Martin].

“He likes Martin and he feels for him and he knows he’s wounded.”

Where have you seen Phil Davis before?

Vera Drake, Bleak House, Poldark, Whitechapel

DC Hayley Jones – Shannon Murray

Shannon Murray plays Hayley Jones in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Hayley is Martin’s former partner in the CID. She’s honest, resilient, and juggles raising two young daughters with her job.

She’s in a wheelchair after sustaining a spinal injury at work, which Martin blames himself for.

Shannon Murray on Hayley Jones

“[Hayley and Martin] have gone through this shared trauma a couple of years earlier and they haven’t been in any contact since. Where you have a situation with no communication, you’ve got two people who are just thinking what the other person is thinking and it’s just a big old mess.

“When Martin walks back into the office, back into CID, obviously Hayley is very, very uncomfortable with it but not for the reasons Martin thinks, as we later find out.”

Where have you seen Shannon Murray before?

Finding Alice, Get Even, Class

DC Roly Dalton – Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey plays Roly Dalton in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Roly is Martin’s contact at the CID and is responsible for sharing updates from their end and relaying Marcus’s findings. He is also the family liaison officer for Gemma’s boyfriend Greg, but he’s also tasked with finding anything out about him.

Where have you seen Marcus Garvey before?

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Last Tango In Halifax, Broadchurch

Gemma Hillman – Amy Wren

Amy Wren plays Gemma Hillman in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Gemma's disappearance in episode one sparks the investigation that leads to Martin setting up his surveillance post.

She suffered tragedy when both her parents died in a car accident when she was 20. She’s a well-loved primary school teacher who goes above and beyond for parents and pupils alike.

Where have you seen Amy Wren before?

Silk, The Last Kingdom, Tutankhamun

Pavel Ludic – Hubert Hanowicz

Hubert Hanowicz plays Pavel Ludic in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Pavel is Carl’s childhood best friend and works closely with him in the Tuckman family business. Pavel is also the brother of Anna, Carl’s childhood sweetheart and wife who went missing 10 years ago.

Where have you seen Hubert Hanowicz before?

This is Hubert’s first role in an English-language show.

Tim Harris – Andrew Hawley

Andrew Hawley plays Tim Harris in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Tim is Zoe’s ex and father to Caitlin. His work as a DJ takes him away a lot, meaning he’s not around that much for Caitlin.

Where have you seen Andrew Hawley before?

Borgia, Cuffs

Janice Baines – Karen Henthorn

Karen Henthorn plays Janice Baines in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Janice is a housekeeper for Kate and Carl. She was also right-hand woman to Kate’s dad Bill, and served as a mother figure to Kate, who lost her mum at a young age.

Where have you seen Karen Henthorn before?

Coronation Street, White Heat, The Trouble With Maggie Cole

Fiona Baker – Erin Shanagher

Erin Shanagher plays Fiona Baker in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Fiona is a lawyer and in the group of school gate mums that are friends with Kate. She doesn’t always see eye to eye with Zoe, who she looks down on.

Where have you seen Erin Shanagher before?

The Bay, The A Word, The Moorside

Donald ‘Don’ Vernon – Ian Puleston-Davies

Ian Puleston-Davies plays Donald ‘Don’ Vernon in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Don is an ex-DI with an axe to grind with Carl. He highlights the past to Martin to help shed new light on the case.

Where have you seen Ian Puleston-Davies before?

Coronation Street (as Owen Armstrong), Tin StarMarcella

Caitlin Sterling – Kila Lord Cassidy

Kila Lord Cassidy plays Caitlin Sterling in Viewpoint Tiger Aspect Productions 2021

Caitlin is shy and curious, and feels different from other kids at school. She has a close relationship with her mum Zoe but feels the absence of her dad Tim. She is left devastated by the disappearance of her teacher Gemma and latches on to Martin as the missing male role model in her life.

Where have you seen Kila Lord Cassidy before?

The Doorman

Is there a trailer?

The official trailer has not yet been released by ITV, though they have aired this teaser: 

Viewpoint will be broadcast on ITV at 9pm over five nights from Monday April 26 until Friday April 30. 

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