Intruder on Channel 5 – what is the thriller series about? Who stars in it? When is it on TV? All you need to know

A gripping new series starring Sally Lindsay promises to have you hooked from the very first episode. Here’s all you need to know about the Channel 5 drama.

By Katie Archer Published: 31 March 2021 - 6.32pm
Channel 5 Intruder Sally Lindsay

If you can’t get enough of Unforgotten and Grace, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a new cop drama coming to Channel 5.

Look out for Intruder, a series that starts with everyone’s nightmare of a home invasion, but spirals into something even worse.

With Sally Lindsay heading up the cast and a twisty story where nothing is what it seems, you won’t want to miss this thrilling new show.

What is Intruder about?

Life is going pretty well for high-flying couple Rebecca and Sam, until one night they disturb two teenage intruders at their luxurious coastal home.

Sam sees red and attacks one of the boys, stabbing him in the back as he tries to escape through a window.

The couple soon realise that Sam has not acted in self defence but has actually committed a murder. Panicking, they try to cover the crime up with the help of their friend Angela, a guest at their house, by staging it to look like the dead intruder Syed had attacked them.

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For a little while, it looks like they will get away with the murder, but the trio have not reckoned with family liaison officer Bailey, who has been quietly observing the scene more or less unnoticed.

Sally Lindsay, who plays Bailey, said: “She has a great sense of fairness and her head is turned by the screaming injustices occurring. This is in contrast to Rebecca and Sam who are extremely modern and self-aware yet they end up doing this really horrific thing.”

When Bailey meets Syed’s father Halim, she is convinced by his utter disbelief that his son would have acted in such a way and decides to delve a bit deeper into the case.

Lindsay added: “Bailey is a very efficient yet almost invisible member of the police force, not a high-flying amazing star; she’s just a cog in the wheel of law enforcement.

“Her interest in this case is a revelation and she doesn't quite know how good she is at detecting. She clearly has very clever detective instincts and can see things that other people can’t.”

With Sam and Rebecca both hiding secrets, their story begins to unravel under the pressure of the investigation.

There’s the added problem of Angela’s drinking, which makes her very unreliable for the couple who cannot afford any inconsistencies in their version of events.

But things are about to get even more complicated for Bailey, who realises the case has been pushed aside as part of a web of police corruption which has also ensnared her own boss.

Director and writer Gareth Tunley said: “We’re living in a world where, over the last few years, it seems everything we thought was solid has dissolved into air.

“So a story like this has an immediate and very current appeal: a couple who clearly think of themselves as ‘good’ people have their world completely flipped upside down and all their comfortable moral assumptions turned inside out.

“I think it’s a story of upheaval that, while it contains some of our worst fears, we can all relate to on some level.”

Who stars in Intruder?

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Sally Lindsay features as Bailey, the family liaison officer who ends up investigating way out of her comfort zone when she realises something isn’t quite right about the home invasion story.

Lindsay, who starred in Cold Call and Mount Pleasant, said: “Bailey is genuinely out for justice and she doesn’t judge people, she wants to do well at her job so she is very by the book and extremely professional and that's why she does this job, to help people and genuinely make the world a better place.”

Murderer Sam is played by Tom Meeten (The Ghoul) and his wife Rebecca is played by Elaine Cassidy (No Offence, Fingersmith).

They are joined by Helen Behan (The Virtues, Elizabeth is Missing) as their loose cannon friend Angela.

Home intruders Tommy and Syed are played by TV newcomers Adam Richardson and Sonny Poon Tip.

When is Intruder on TV?

Intruder is set to start on Easter Monday, April 5 at 9pm on Channel 5.

The four episodes will air nightly in the same week, at 9pm each night.

Intruder begins on Monday April 5 at 9pm on Channel 5