Throw together spy thrills and twists, Charlie Cox and a script from the writer of A Bridge of Spies and you’ve got yourself a seriously exciting TV series for Boxing Day 2022.

Treason is Netflix’s highly anticipated new MI6 drama series, which suggests we should “question everything, suspect everyone”.

Here is everything you need to know about Treason, which will be released in time for a post-Christmas Day binge.

3 reasons to watch Treason on Boxing Day

What's new on Netflix this month

Treason trailer - First look at Charlie Cox Netflix spy thriller

The first official trailer for Charlie Cox's spy thriller Treason has been dropped by Netflix.

The trailer reveals a new head of MI6, who has to contend with a Russian spy with whom he shares a complicated past, accusations of being a double agent and protect his family.

What is the Treason release date?

Daredevil's Charlie Cox in new Netflix spy drama Treason Netflix

Treason is launched globally on Netflix on 26 December, 2022.

All five episodes of the spy thriller will be available to watch on Boxing Day.

Treason cast

  • Charlie Cox (Daredevil) – Plays Adam Lawrence
  • Oona Chaplin (Game of Thrones, Taboo) - Plays Maddy De Costa
  • Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) – Plays Kara Yerzov
  • Ciaran Hinds (Belfast, The Terror) – Plays Sir Martin Angelis
  • Tracy Ifeachor (Treadstone, The Originals) - Plays Dede

Charlie Cox - Plays Adam Lawrence

"Playing C, the Head of MI6, is not a role I imagined getting in my 30s," explains Daredevil actor Cox.

"The show explains why he’s such a young appointee to the job but I still felt like it was a real challenge for me and a great opportunity to explore his maturity compared to other characters I’ve played.

"Adam is a high-flyer who has progressed up the ranks of M16 quickly. He’s got a lot going for him in terms of his experience, expertise and charisma and his relationships within the agency.

"His life is pretty perfect in many ways. He has a beautiful family, with daughter Ella and son Callum, and a loving and healthy relationship with his wife Maddy.

"Then what he learns about himself in due course is that he’s very ambitious to the point where that level of ambition and what he’s willing to do to succeed in his career becomes very uncomfortable and confronting."

Olga Kurylenko - Plays Kara Yerzov

"Like all of the characters, she has a past and she has a history with Adam," said former Bond girl Kurylenko.

"They go way back and, at the risk of giving spoilers, they had a love affair even though it was totally prohibited in their line of work.

"When we meet Kara that’s all over but she’s still quite bitter about it. She’s hurt and often when there’s hurt there’s also anger and the whole thing is unresolved because she hasn’t seen him for years. She’s carried that bitterness and anger for so long. The way he treated her, he’s done damage to both her career and her emotions.

"She has a lot of baggage and she wants to make him pay but that proves more difficult than she thinks. As a spy she’s meant to be cold and emotionless but she’s still a human being with real feelings."

What is the Treason plot?

Olga Kurylenko in Treason Netflix

Charlie Cox stars as MI6 agent Adam Lawrence, who has been trained and groomed by the agency to reach the top of the organisation.

However, when his past catches up with him in the form of Russian spy Kara, played by James Bond star Olga Kurylenko, Adam has to question everything and everyone in his life.

A triangle develops between Adam, Kara and Adam’s wife Maddy (Oona Chaplin) as they all try to navigate the secrets and lies in their relationships and protect “those they love most”.

Who are the creators of Treason?

Ciaran Hinds in Netflix Netflix

Treason is created and written by Matt Charman, the writer of Tom Hanks' Cold War movie Bridge of Spies.

 Charman is joined by directors Louise Hooper (The Sandman, The Witcher) and Sarah O’Gorman (The Witcher, The Last Kingdom).

Watch Treason on Netflix from 26 December

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