Top Boy season 3: All you need to know about the final series of the Netflix hit, including release date, filming locations, cast and trailer

Top Boy is about to meet its end, so get ready to say goodbye to the food and the fam. But Top Boy 3 is sure to go out with a bang. Here's everything you need to know about the final season.

By James Descombes Updated: 8 July 2022 - 10.16am
Netflix Dushane and Sully Top Boy

Top Boy season 2 was only released in March, but it was so warmly received by audiences in the UK and across the world that Netflix has already confirmed there will be another season – Top Boy season 3.

The latest series of Top Boy stormed to number 1 on the streaming platform’s most viewed list, and certainly got fans talking with its surprising and shocking ending.

Now the new season will start filming this summer, and it will be the final series of the popular show, which first aired in 2011 on Channel 4.

It’s going to be RIP Top Boy. We hope the show goes out with a bang! 

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Is there a trailer for Top Boy 3?

There is a teaser trailer available. Check it out below. 

What will happen in Top Boy 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

After the events of the last season, anything is possible. However, with Top Boy 3 being the final season of the show, we’d expect the tension to ramp up between the show’s deadly duo Dushane and Sully (Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson). There’s certainly potential for one or even both of the characters to meet their demise. Will there be a new king of Summerhouse, maybe one of the young’uns or a new crew? Time will tell.

Perhaps there will be retribution for the crews and families who were wronged in Top Boy 2? Will Aaron and Steff step up in the new series? Or maybe we’ll see more from Lizzie as she tries to regain control of distribution. Dushane and Sully have gone worldwide now, so perhaps we’ll see the operation making them more money (and causing more problems) in sunnier climes.

What will happen to Jaq? Will she be given more responsibility or perhaps turn on Dushane and Sully? Will Shelley and Dushane’s relationship run smoothly? Shelley has a dark side and seemed to be getting cold feet in season 2.

Then there’s Lauryn and Pebbles, who could both play big parts in the final season.

Jasmine Jobson 2021 Netflix, Inc.

Speaking about Top Boy 3, Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson said: “For those that have followed the journey from the start, you will know how much this show means to everyone on our team and we wholeheartedly know how much it means to you.

"These characters have been a part of our lives for over a decade now and without everyone’s support we couldn’t have come this far.

"Whilst the journeys of Dushane and Sully have remained at the core of the show, the new characters that have entered the world of Top Boy have become a key part of the show’s legacy, representing each new storyline in a raw, authentic way.

"With all this being said, and staying true to our original goal, every story must have an ending and so season three will be our finale. A chance to come full circle and end the journey in the right way.

"We’re very excited about what’s next and thank you for riding with us. We appreciate you. See you again soon.”

Where is Top Boy 3 filmed?

We don’t know exact filming locations just yet, but certainly expect London to feature heavily, especially the Summerhouse estate in Hackney, East London.

Previous seasons have run storylines in Spain, Jamaica and Morocco, so we could see more storylines set abroad too. 

Who will be in the cast for Top Boy 3?

  • Ashley Walter - Plays Dushane Hill
  • Kano Robinson - Plays Gerard 'Sully' Sullivan
  • Simbiatu Ajikawo - Plays Shelley
  • Jasmine Jobson - Plays Jaq
  • Saffron Hocking - Plays Lauryn
  • Araloyin Oshunremi - Plays Stefan
  • Barry Keoghan - Plays Jonny
  • Brian Gleeson - Plays Tadgh

Most of the key characters will be back for the final season of Top Boy. Ashley Walters will play Dushane Hill while Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson will play Gerard ‘Sully’ Sullivan. 

Simbiatu Ajikawo, aka BRIT Award winning UK rapper Little Simz, will return as Shelley – Dushane’s love interest.

Jasmine Jobson will return as popular character Jaq, one of Dushane’s loyal lieutenants. But will we see her girlfriend from the last season, Becky, played by Adwoa Aboah? 

We suspect we’ll see more of Jaq’s sister, Lauryn (Saffron Hocking), though is she going to be truly free with her dead boyfriend’s sister, Vee (Ava Brennan) and right-hand man Speaks still on the loose? Not to mention the fact she betrayed Sully in season 1.

And Sully’s niece Pebbles (Erin Kellyman) could return, as well as Dris’s girlfriend Mandy (NoLay). 

New Top Boy season 3 cast

Barry Keoghan Santiago Felipe
Barry Keoghan

Netflix has announced that the final season will feature two new characters, Jonny and Tadgh.

They will be played by Barry Keoghan (The Batman, American Animals) and Brian Gleeson (Bad Sisters, Peaky Blinders, Frank of Ireland).

Production of Top Boy season 3, the final chapter of the Netflix series, has begun in London.

Episodes 1 to 4 will be directed by Myriam Raja, who was previously part of the Top Boy season 1 mentee program,  with Will Stefan Smith returning to direct the final two episodes. The show is created and written by Ronan Bennett.

Brian Gleeson Santiago Felipe
Brian Gleeson

What music will feature in Top Boy 3?

We’re likely to hear a soundtrack of classic soul songs, new rap and gritty grime.

Check out all the music featured in Top Boy 2

When and where can I watch Top Boy 3?

Filming for Top Boy 3 starts this summer, so expect the final season to hit Netflix sometime in 2023. 

What happened in Top Boy 2? *SPOLER ALERT*

The big shock in Top Boy 2 came right at the end when Jamie opened his front door to Sully, only for Sully to shoot him dead.

It wasn’t an obvious murder, seeing as Jamie had helped Dushane and Sully with the new distributors in Spain and Morocco. Dushane saw Jamie as a way of eventually moving away from the drug business, but Sully didn’t trust him after suspecting that he was trying to negotiate his own deal with Juan.

Dushane and Sully appear to be on good terms when season 2 comes to a close after coming to blows earlier in the season. Dushane got into a spot of bother after trying to help out his niece, Pebbles, and Dushane came to his rescue. But this is definitely a relationship to keep your eye on in season 3.

Before Jamie was shot dead, he also had to kill someone – his best friend Kit. At the start of Top Boy 2, young Ats was killed while dealing on the streets. This was all part of a revenge plot gone wrong orchestrated by Kit. Dushane eventually cottons on to this and demands Jamie kills Kit to prove his loyalty.

Another major storyline in season 2 focused on Jaq’s sister, Lauryn. After disappearing from London to escape potential retribution for stitching up Sully in season 1, she finds herself pregnant and in a poisonous relationship with gunrunner, Curtis. Along with his evil sister Vee and right-hand man Speaks, Curtis confines her to a house in Liverpool, controlling who she speaks to and how she spends his money.

After Jaq tries to help her escape her situation, it all comes to a head and Lauryn stabs Curtis to death. And while Jaq assists her sister throughout the season, she also finds time to start a relationship with new character, Becky.

Dushane’s girlfriend Shelly opens up a nail salon, but has an unwanted visitor from her past show up demanding money. It transpires that Shelley was involved in the cover up of a murder committed by her ex-boyfriend years prior.

Now Bev wants some hush money, which prompts Shelly to revisit the burial place with the help of Dris’s girlfriend, and new nail salon employee, Mandy. On top of that, Shelly is fighting to save Summerhouse, which is being bought by a consortium that includes Dushane.

Later in the series, after the death of his mum, Dushane changes his mind about being involved in Summerhouse’s redevelopment. He threatens Lizzie’s husband Jeffery, who’s involved with the redevelopment, to stop it from happening or else he’ll kill Lizzie, who he also cut out of the drug distribution deal earlier in the season. 

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