Tin Star: Liverpool - Meet the cast and characters of the Sky Atlantic thriller’s dramatic final season

Tim Roth, Genevieve O’Reilly and Abigail Lawrie are back as the Worth family, but with the location moving from Canada to Liverpool who are their new enemies.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 10 December 2020 - 3.14pm
Tim Roth, Genevieve O’Reilly and Abigail Lawrie  pose for Tin Star: Liverpool

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Tim Roth, Genevieve O’Reilly and Abigail Lawrie are back as the Worth family, but with the location moving from Canada to Liverpool who are their new enemies.

Tin Star began three years ago in the Canadian Rockies and bows out in 2020 with an explosive final season in Liverpool.

It’s been quite the journey for the Worth family - played by Tim Roth, Genevieve O’Reilly and Abigail Lawrie - and in season three Jack, Angela and Anna are heading home to Liverpool to confront old enemies and foes from their past.

Previous seasons have included appearances from Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Oliver Coopersmith (Dickensian) and Ian Puleston-Davies (Coronation Street) and the season 3 includes the arrival of several Liverpudlians and Brits who pose a new threat to Jack and co.

Here is a guide to the stars of the show, including their views on where their character is heading in Tin Star: Liverpool...

The Worth family

Jack - Played by Tim Roth

Jack Worth is uncompromising. He loves his family and will do anything to protect them. And in this case, that means hunting down and killing a list of people from his past: the same people who came to kill them in Canada in Season 2.

In Liverpool, Jack is reunited with Angela and Anna and the trio set out to inflict justice on those responsible for a heinous crime exposed by Jack to Angela 20 years prior. Season three will see Jack pushed to his limits as he is finally forced to confront his past in order to pave the way for a new future for his family.

Talking about the shift in location, Tim Roth said: “After the mass madness of season 2, we worked towards bringing the family home. 

“It seemed like the logical step. I’m not sure if it was Gen [O’Reilly, playing Angela]’s idea, but we wanted to explore what they would be like in an urban environment – the polar opposite to season one, which was taking a family from the city and putting them in the countryside. 

“Now, we’d be putting them on the attack as opposed to on the defence. That was the premise for the third season: they’re on a spree and putting the cork in the bottle.”

Angela - Played by Genevieve O’Reilly

Angela is an expert in compartmentalising and burying feelings. But being back in Liverpool opens the floodgates for her emotionally and she is forced to confront her own role in what happened 20 years ago and finally face her grief over the death of her brother. 

But when killing those responsible doesn’t give her the closure she’d hoped for, she begins to question herself. And when faced with an old enemy – Angela is forced to make a heartbreaking decision about what’s right for her daughter’s future.

Talking about Angela Worth’s journey across the three seasons, O’Reilly said:”She was such an extraordinary gift to me as an actor. I’ve loved wrestling with her, but she’s not an easy person to live with. 

“She’s confounding and infuriating and funny and captivating. At times I hate her and the decisions she makes for her and her children. But I also love her bravery, grit and passion, that chameleon ability to shift and change. 

“I’m very grateful for her but I’m also happy to give her a hug and send her off!”

Anna - Played by Abigail Lawrie

Anna is no longer the teenager we met in season one. The experience in Canada has changed her and she returns to Liverpool an equal to her parents. No more secrets in this family – this is a unit of killers – and if they can get rid of everyone on the list, they'll finally be free. 

Eager to get on with the task at hand, she is surprised to discover a strange sense of home in Liverpool that she has never experienced before. She will for a brief moment get the chance to see what her life could have been like if she was a normal teenager but will ultimately make a decision which will change her course forever.

Talking about the changes for Anna in season 3, Lawrie said: “It’s got a completely different look and feel to it [season 3], which is really exciting and also quite brave of the producers and creators, to move it to such a drastically different location. Exciting, though

“[Anna’s] managed to make it to Liverpool from the prairies. We don’t really know how she’s made it, but she’s been armed with a fake passport and rucksack full of supplies. She’s in survival mode, running on adrenaline, landing in a city she doesn’t know. 

“She’s been given an address to go to, so while she’s quite frightened and confused, she’s pushing forward and looking for her parents.

New for season 3

Catherine McKenzie - Played by Tanya Moodie

Chief Constable of Merseyside police, Catherine is far away from the lowly covering officer she was when Jack knew her 20 years ago. She was then a young, ambitious cop who was swayed by the corruption of her superiors and the chance for swift promotion. 

She was Jack’s handler and when he reported the unspeakable crime Michael and Danny committed she did nothing – he knew she was corrupt and needed to get out. The stakes are high for her now the Worths are back and she is prepared to stop at nothing to protect not just her life but also her professional standing.

Talking about the new character, Tanya said: “I created a backstory that would raise the stakes so it really mattered for her: her father had been in the police in the 1970s and 1980s and had a really hard time. He couldn’t advance the way he wanted to or fulfil his potential, which took a toll on his mental health and consequently on family life

“So that really turned the screw on her, giving a sense of the vengeance that’s driving her. She has an opportunity to dominate the people who, in her mind, did her father down. These things can fester, sometimes beyond all reason. I tried to give her something she was always chewing over, giving her a reason to keep hanging in there.”

Michael Ryan - Played by Ian Hart

Michael Ryan is the leading male antagonist of Season Three. His public face is that of one of the most successful and powerful businessmen in Liverpool, widely regarded as one of the key players in the regeneration of the city. He is apparently the classic ‘local boy done good’ with a multi million pound property empire.

But privately Michael’s life is another story. And his link to Jack and Angela is deep rooted. In fact his beloved brother Danny was Angela’s lover and Anna’s father. The relationship between the Worths and the Ryans is complex and darkly emotional.

Working undercover, Jack became involved with the Ryan family when he was sent to Liverpool to infiltrate their incredibly powerful and ruthless criminal fraternite. There Jack met Angela and fell in love with her.

Explaining his character’s history, Ian said: “To many people he’s just a regular guy. I’d say he’s a Thatcherite, all about free enterprise and individuals making their own living. At the time when he would have got into the drug trade, people were faced with two choices: unemployment or self-employment. 

“Self-employment can mean anything, and selling drugs is more profitable than cleaning windows. When we meet him though, all that is well and truly in the past. He’s a businessman, but there’s a great continuum between buying and selling property and the import/export of commodities.

"They’re all the same thing, it’s just that one seems on the surface to be more palatable than the other. So now he regards himself as a legitimate businessman who buys, develops and sells property.”

Sarah Lunt -  Played by Kerrie Hayes

Detective Inspector Sarah Lunt is a smart young DI working under Catherine McKenzie. A Liverpool local and not someone to suffer fools, Lunt becomes embroiled in Jack’s campaign against Catherine. 

She is astute and a highly trained officer with specialist skills, an asset to any force. Lunt looked up to Catherine and Catherine saw a kindred spirit in Lunt – ambitious, keen to impress and straight talking. She is on track for an illustrious career in the Merseyside Police department.

But as the truth about Catherine’s corruption becomes clearer to Lunt, she finds herself pulled between her duty as a police officer, loyalty to Catherine and her newfound curiosity for Jack and the Worth family.

Explaining her character’s motivations, Kerrie said: “She’s a copper, a detective born and raised in Liverpool. She’s got a good work ethic and works well with her boss, Catherine McKenzie, but she’s quite independent and ambitious. She’s not scared to go off on her own tangent. 

“I originally had all these ideas about her being influenced by her family, that maybe her dad was in the police, but then I thought: no. She just knows what she wants and work is her life, basically. She’s not apologising for that.”

Mary James - Played by Joanne Whalley

Part-fence, part-police informant, part-community activist – Mary is an indefinable yet charismatic woman who is the ally of the Worth family. 20 years ago, Jack entrapped Mary and convinced her to turn informer for an undercover operation he was running with Greater Merseyside police. 

Despite their unusual meeting, there was a great deal of respect between Jack and Mary and a friendship began. Twenty years on and Jack arrives back in her life as suddenly as he walked out of it, but the dynamic between them is as though no time has passed at all. She is the only friend he has ever had and gives us a new insight into this complicated character

Talking about her character’s history with Jack, Joanne said: “They know the town, they know the score, they know the faces. They’ve been on one side or other of the line between good and bad and they’re both flexible. What they shared wasn’t always good, happy stuff – Jack entrapped Mary and turned her into a police informer 20 years ago – but there’s a mutual respect, shared values and a knowledge that the other one is solid. They have a kinship born of experience.”

She added: "[Mary’s] always on the good side – her crimes, as it were, aren’t out and out bad ones.

“She’s a bit of a hero in terms of what she does with all the kids, running a youth organisation from her front room, taking them in and looking after them. She’s on the side of truth in the sense of the bigger picture – although she’d happily tell anyone anything if it served her purpose!”

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