The Power is Prime Video’s new international drama series, based on Naomi Alderman’s acclaimed feminist novel.

Starring Toni Collette, John Leguizamo, Eddie Marsan and Auli’i Cravalho, the series explores what the impact would be if young women suddenly gained the power to fire electricity at people at will.

The story is told through multiple characters and storylines around the world, exploring different examples of prejudice, misogyny, toxic masculinity, and everyday sexism.

The first three episodes of The Power are released on Prime Video on Friday, 31 March.

Meet The Power cast and characters

  • Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense, Knives Out) - Mayor Margot Cleary-Lopez (role re-cast from Leslie Mann)
  • Auli’I Cravalho (Moana) - Jos, Margot's daughter 
  • John Leguizamo (When They See Us) - Rob, Margo's husband
  • Toheeb Jimoh (French Dispatch) - Tunde Ojo, a Nigerian video journalist 
  • Josh Charles (The Good Wife) - Daniel Dandon
  • Eddie Marsan (The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe) - Bernie Monke, a London crime boss
  • Ria Zmitrowicz (Three Girls) - Roxy Monke, Bernie's daughter
  • Zrinka Cvitešić - Tatiana Moskalev
  • Halle Bush - Allie Montgomery
  • Rob Delaney - Plays Tom
  • Alice Eve - Plays Kristen
  • Little Simz - Plays Adunola
  • Nico Hiraga - Plays Ryan

Toni Collette – Plays Mayor Margot Cleary-Lopez

Toni Collette in The Power on Prime Video as Mayor Margot Prime Video

Toni Collette stars as Seattle mayor, Margot Cleary-Lopez. Margot is a progressive and successful politician, who has to fight daily battles against governor Daniel Dandon sexist expectations about how she should dress and act in public. The emergence of the new ‘power’ places Margot under the spotlight and creates a new dynamic in her home life.

Toni told BT TV: "It was cathartic, it was empowering, it felt important. I felt like, ‘don’t screw this up!’ Because what I’m saying is really powerful and really meaningful and people will hear it and feel it in a real way because the show is so aligned with reality."

Where have you seen Toni Collette before?

Muriel’s Wedding, The Staircase, Knives Out, Unbelievable

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Auli’I Cravalho – Plays Jos, Margot's daughter

Auli'i Cravalho in The Power on Prime Video as Jos Raul Romo/Prime Video

Auli’l Cravalho plays the daughter of Seattle mayor Margot, who is struggling to deal with teenage life, social anxieties and resents her successful mother. The discovery of her electricity powers coincides with a crush on a school skater boy, Ryan.

Where have you seen Auli'l Cravalho before?

Moana, Rise, All Together Now, Crush

John Leguizamo – Plays Rob, Margot's husband

John Leguizamo in The Power on Prime Video as Rob Prime Video

Rob is a caring, sensitive and devoted dad and husband, who also works as a scientist. The emergence of the new ‘power’ shakes things up in the family home as it brings about big changes for the most important women in his life, Margot and Jos.

He told BT TV: "I thought it was the best run show I’ve ever been on. These scenes were so well written and deep and granular and there is an emotional intelligence to the dialogue. It felt more like real life than anything I’ve ever done.

"And yet, it’s about this bigger subject of women’s bodies evolving and the male patriarchy trying to deal with that.

"It’s big themes, global, worldly and yet we deal with intimate relationships that feel so real."

Where have you seen John Leguizamo before?

When They See Us, Carlito’s Way, Romeo + Juliet, Encanto, The Mandalorian

Toheeb Jimoh - Plays Tunde Ojo

Toheeb Jimoh as Tunder in The Power Faye Thomas

Tunde is a young aspiring journalist, who goes from small-time blogger to global sensation when he captures video footage of ‘the power’ being used in Nigeria. Tunde provides a male perspective on the shocking events around the world as he attempts to document what he sees unravelling around him.

Where have you seen Toheeb Jimoh before?

Anthony, Ted Lasso, The French Dispatch

Josh Charles - Plays Daniel Dandon

Josh Charles as Daniel Dandon Prime Video

Daniel Dandon, played by Josh Charles, is the pampered and experienced governor, who has been a “thorn in the side” of Margot. Daniel is the best example of the old power structures in society as he uses his privileges and power as a white male to his advantage.

Where have you seen Josh Charles before?

The Good Wife, Sports Night, We Own This City

Eddie Marsan – Plays Bernie Monke

Eddie Marsan as Bernie Monke in The Power Greg Williams / Prime Video

Eddie Marsan plays Bernie Monke, a toxic London gang boss, who has three sons and daughter Roxy. A violent and intimidating figure, who has previously protected but neglected Roxy, Bernie suddenly finds his usual methods of control challenged by the emergence of the power in his daughter.

Eddie told BT TV: "The most memorable moment for me was when Naomi gave a speech at the table read. In the speech she said, for the last thousand years, the only human being with unfettered rights and privileges, was a white, Anglo-Saxon, able-bodied male.

"Every other human being had less rights than that. This story is about if that changed. All our institutions, law, art, government, is based on that system. If that system changes overnight, what happens? That’s when I thought this was just an amazing, complex, exploration of the idea of power and what power means. That’s when I thought this could be something quite special."

Where have you seen Eddie Marsan before?

Happy-Go-Lucky, Ray Donovan, The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe, The World’s End

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Ria Zmitrowicz - Plays Roxy Monke

Ria Zmitrowicz as Roxy Monke in The Power Phil Sharp / Prime Video

Ria Zmitrowicz plays Roxy Monke, the illegitimate daughter of London gangster Bernie. Roxy is tough, angry and determined to get involved in her father’s line of work. When she discovers that she has the electricity power, Roxy has plenty of use for the dangerous talent.

Ria told BT TV: "I found it incredibly cathartic. In a world where women are literally losing the rights over their body, to see a show where they gain bodily autonomy is incredibly empowering."

Where have you seen Ria Zmitrowicz before?

Three Girls, Mr Selfridge, Misbehaviour

Zrinka Cvitešić - Plays Tatiana Moskalev

Zrinka Cvitešić as Tatiana Moskalev in The Power Prime Video

Zrinka Cvitešić pllays Tatiana Moskalev, the unhappy wife of Moldovan president Viktor Moskalev. Tatiana was a highly-talented aspiring Olympic gymnast, who ended up being forced into an arranged marriage with the powerful politician.

Zrinka told BT TV: "To me, it feels crazy and surreal that after all these centuries where as a society we have fought for freedom, equality and democracy, that you, whether it’s man or woman, you may not be able to decide for yourself and your body, it’s crazy. It shows we didn’t go very far.

"Being black, being gay, being a woman in a power position, you have too many wrinkles, oh not enough wrinkles – it’s crazy that these problems still exist."

Where have you seen Zrinka Cvitešić before?

Capital, London Spy

Halle Bush – Plays Allie Montgomery

Halle Bush as Allie Montgomery in The Power Prime Video

Newcomer Halle Bush plays Allie, a foster child who discovers she is among those with the special electricity powers. After listening the voice in her head, Allie goes on an incredible journey at a convent.

Heather Agyepong – Plays Ndudi

Heather Agyepong in The Power Prime Video

Heather Agyepong plays Tunde’s friend Ndudi, who is the victim of the power in the video that the journalist shares to the world. The show explores how the power impacts on her relationship with Tunde

Heather told BT TV: "I was on a panel with Naomi Alderman and she said she hoped it would create a level of empathy with people who don’t understand the struggles of women. So they have a deep feeling of what it feels like to be powerless or have power taken away from you. To understand what it feels like not to be protected or to be unsafe."

Where have you seen Heather Agyepong before?

This Is Going To Hurt

Watch episode 1-3 of The Power on Prime Video from Friday, 31 March on Prime Video.

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