The Nevers: Cast, plot, trailer and UK release date of the Sky Atlantic drama

Find out everything you need to know about The Nevers, the Victorian sci-fi drama on Sky Atlantic and NOW.

By Becky Gamester-Newton Published: 6 May 2021 - 11.51pm
The Nevers coming to Sky Atlantic on NOW

The Nevers is available on Sky Atlantic and NOW from May 17

The Nevers is a truly unique show, with a premise that spans genres such as sci-fi, drama, horror and action.

As the HBO series finally lands in the UK, here's everything you need to know about it.

What’s The Nevers about?

Set in Victorian London, The Nevers focuses on a group of people – mainly women – called The Touched, who have acquired abnormal abilities following a mysterious supernatural event.

The group find themselves to be a new underclass and it falls to Amalia True and Penance Adair to protect these gifted people.

Who’s in the cast?

Amalia True – Laura Donnelly

Where have you seen Laura Donnelly before?

The Fall, Outlander, Britannia

Penance Adair – Ann Skelly

Where have you seen Ann Skelly before?

Vikings, Red Rock, Death And Nightingales

Lavinia Bidlow – Olivia Williams

Where have you seen Olivia Williams before?

Counterpart, The Halcyon, Dollhouse.

Hugo Swan – James Norton

Where have you seen James Norton before?

Grantchester, McMafia, Happy Valley, War & Peace, The Trial Of Christine Keeler

Augustus ‘Augie’ Bidlow – Tom Riley

Where have you seen Tom Riley before?

Monroe, Da Vinci’s Demons, Ill Behaviour

Detective Frank Mundi – Ben Chaplin

Where have you seen Ben Chaplin before?

Press, Apple Tree Yard, Mad Dogs

Lord Massen – Pip Torrens

Where have you seen Pip Torrens before?

Roadkill, The Crown, Poldark, Versailles

Dr Horatio Cousens – Zackary Momoh

Where have you seen Zackary Momoh before?

Doctor Sleep, No Offence, Seven Seconds

Maladie – Amy Manson

Where have you seen Amy Manson before?

Atlantis, Being Human, Outcasts

Declan ‘Beggar King’ Orrun – Nick Frost

Where have you seen Nick Frost before?

Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, Truth Seekers, Spaced

Annie Carbey – Rochelle Neil

Where have you seen Rochelle Neil before?

Das Boot, Episodes

Mary Brighton – Eleanor Tomlinson

Where have you seen Eleanor Tomlinson before?

Intergalactic, Poldark, The War of the Worlds

Dr Edmund Hague – Denis O’Hare

Where have you seen Denis O'Hare before?

American Gods, Big Little Lies, This Is Us

Is there a trailer?

Yes – you can watch the Sky trailer for The Nevers below:

How to watch The Nevers

The Nevers is available in the UK on Sky Atlantic with a NOW Entertainment Membership from Monday, May 17.

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