The Midnight Club: When is the Haunting of Hill House creators' new Netflix series released? Who is in the horror show's cast?

Haunting of Hill House creator Mike Flanagan returns to Netflix with a chilling new horror anthology series The Midnight Club, based on the young adult novels of Christopher Pike.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 22 September 2022 - 2.02pm

This Halloween could be the most terrifying yet on Netflix with the launch of new Mike Flanagan series The Midnight Club.

Based on the works of the bestselling author Christopher Pike, this teen horror, based in a hospice for terminally ill young adults, looks truly chilling.

It has all the hallmarks of being as big a hit as Flanagan’s twin hits The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor and will have you hiding behind your cushions this Halloween season.

Here is everything you need to know about The Midnight Club…

When is The Midnight Club released on Netflix?

First look at The Midnight Club Netflix

The Midnight Club is released on Netflix on Friday, October 7.

All 10 episodes are released at launch.

It’s perfectly timed for a Halloween binge-watch.

What is The Midnight Club about?

First look at The Midnight Club Netflix

Set in a hospice for terminally ill young adults in 1994, The Midnight Club focuses on eight patients who come together every night at midnight to share stories.

The group also make a pact – whoever dies next will give the group a sign from beyond.

The TV series will deviate from the original novel to work as an anthology series, exploring more young adult horror written by Pike.

Each episode will focus on the patients telling a different story – with each story based on another Pike novel.

Other featured novels will include Witch (1990), Gimme a Kiss (1988), The Wicked Heart (1993) and Road to Nowhere (1993).

Who is making The Midnight Club?

First look at The Midnight Club Netflix

The series is being created by acclaimed horror legends Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy (The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass).

“The Midnight Club was a particular shock to me as a teenager because I thought I was getting this pulpy little young adult novella that would be about a spooky Grim Reaper or something,” Flanagan told Vanity Fair in a discussion about his love of the original novel.

“But no, it was about teenagers having to reconcile with terminal diseases and with death. And it didn’t pull its punches there either. It was a real lesson in how you could use genre to talk about very serious things.

"This is before I’d kind of graduated to Stephen King, and so this really blew my hair back!”

Flanagan also revealed that The Midnight Club was the first book he ever tried to turn into a movie, so the series is a longstanding passion project for him.

The Midnight Club cast

Zach Gilford in The Midnight Club Netflix

Main cast:

  • Iman Benson
  • Adia
  • Igby Rigney
  • Ruth Codd
  • Aya Furukawa
  • Annarah Cymone
  • William Chris Sumpter
  • Sauriyan Sapkota
  • Heather Langenkamp

Recurring cast:

  • Zach Gilford
  • Matt Biedel
  • Samantha Sloyan
  • Larsen Thompson
  • William B. Davis
  • Crystal Balint
  • Patricia Drake
  • Rahul Kohli
Heather Langenkamp in The Midnight Club Netflix

Alongside the young leads is Horror icon Heather Langenkamp, who is best known for her role as Nancy Thompson, a teenager on the run from Freddy Krueger in 80s slasher classic A Nightmare on Elm Street.

In The Midnight Club, she plays Dr Georgina Stanton, the founder and doctor of Brightcliffe Hospice.

Other recognisable cast members include Friday Night Lights and Midnight Mass star Zach Gilford, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy actress Samantha Sloyan and Narcos: Mexico’s Matt Biedel.

Is The Midnight Club based on a true story?

First look at The Midnight Club Netflix

The Midnight Club is based on a book with the same name by author Christopher Pike.

The novel was released in 1994.

Pike specialises in supernatural thrillers, young adult novels and horror and has written more than 50 books.

His popular hits include Spooksville, the Last Vampire/Thirst series, Stranger Girl and Witch World.

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