Save Me Too is the follow-up to the hugely successful drama Save Me, created by its star Lennie James (The Walking Dead). Universally praised by critics, the series was Sky’s most rapidly-binged box set release, with over 700,000 watching the entire series in its first week of release.

Save Me saw Nelly (James, above), a down-and-out-ladies' man, accused of kidnapping his 13-year-old daughter who he hadn’t seen in a decade.

While attempting to clear his name, Lenny is determined to find his estranged daughter with the help of Jody’s mum Claire (Suranne Jones) and friends from his London estate.

His investigations take him into a vile and shocking underworld of sex trafficking as he seems to come tantalising close to finding Jody.

Catch up with everything that happened in series 1

The Times called it "the best thing on British television right now", and the show was named Best Drama Series by the Royal Television Society, who also gave Lennie James the award for Best Drama Writer. 

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What do we know about season 2?

Speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival in 2018, Lennie James said: “Nelly is still looking for his kid. He hasn’t gone ‘oh it’s alright, I saved somebody else, I’m cool, I’m clean’.”

Season 2 picks up 17 months after the end of the first season. 

“The second season picks up at a point when almost everybody has forgotten that Jody is missing, except for the people who can’t forget that she is missing," says James.

"We pick up at a period at which, broadly speaking, her immediately family and Nelly are the only people who wake up every morning going ‘the child is not there’.”

Adrian Edmondson, who we briefly saw in the first series, reprises his role as paedophile Gideon Charles, and Nelly will hunt down his wife, Jennifer (Lesley Manville), for answers.

Nelly’s iconic yellow padded coat will also make a return, according to Thomas Coombes, who plays pub regular Goz in the series.

Who is in it?

Oscar nominee Lesley Manville (Phantom Thread) will join the cast as Jennifer Charles, the wife of sinister paedophile Gideon Charles, played by Adrian Edmondson.

Suranne Jones will reprise her role as Claire, Jody’s mother. Stephen Graham will be back to play Nelly’s friend Melon, alongside his on-screen wife Bernie (Alice May Feetham).

Also returning are Jason Flemyng as Nelly’s neighbour Tam and Susan Lynch as pub landlady Stace. 

Thomas Coombes, Kerry Godliman and Nadine Marshall will also come back.

When does it start?

Save Me Too will be available on NOW TV from 1 April.

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