Ozark season 4: Netflix reveal release date for final season of drugs drama

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney make their long-awaited return in one of Netflix’s biggest shows – but you’ll have to wait a few more months for the dramatic conclusion.

By James Descombes Published: 11 November 2021 - 1.04pm
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After a two-year wait, the fourth and final season of Netflix’s huge hit, Ozark, is almost upon us.

At last, we’ll learn the fate of Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) and his family, as they try to negotiate potential danger from all angles, including from the Mexican drug cartels, local heroin-producing matriarch Darlene Snell and Marty’s on-off partner in crime, Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner).

But we won't find out what happened to the Byrdes right away. The final, 14-episode, season is being released in two parts, with the first seven episodes dropping on Netflix in January 2022 and the seven concluding episodes arriving later in the year.

What is Ozark?

Laura Linney and Jason Bateman in Ozark Netflix

Ozark is one of Netflix’s best-loved and most critically acclaimed shows. It’s been off our screens for two years now but come January it will be returning for its fourth and final season.

Season 4 is being split into two halves of seven episodes, so you can expect the second group of episodes to follow later in 2022.

Of course, you’ll need to watch Ozark from the very start to understand the storyline and immerse yourself in the Byrde’s world, which you can do now by binging the show on Netflix. What are you waiting for?

What’s the plot of Ozark? 

The Byrde family in Ozark Netflix

Ozark follows the lives of Martin ‘Marty’ Byrde, his wife Wendy and their teenage children Charlotte and Jonah.

To the outside world, the Byrdes are an ordinary family. But Marty, who works as a financial advisor, is entangled in money laundering for the second largest drug cartel in Mexico.

When things start to go wrong, Marty is forced to uproot his family in Chicago to the lazy lakes of the Missouri Ozarks, where he has promised to launder $500m for a drug boss in return for his life.

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Before long Marty’s investments arouse the interest of local criminals including the Langmore and Snell families as well as law enforcement agencies and the Kansas City Mafia.

While Marty grudgingly continues his life of crime, Wendy unexpectedly thrives in her new role as crime boss. The pair are aided and abetted in their misdeeds by Ruth Langmore, a trailer-park teen who soon proves herself smarter than her petty-criminal family and becomes by turns both the Byrdes’ apprentice and their most fierce rival.

Who’s in the cast? 

Julia Garner as Ruth in Ozark Netflix

The key cast members are all reunited for the fourth season of Ozark, including Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde and Laura Linney as his wife Wendy.

Julia Garner, above, is back as Ruth Langmore and Charlie Tahan returns as Ruth’s cousin, Wyatt Langmore, who is still with his older lover, drug queen-pin Darlene Snell, played by Lisa Emery, below right.

Felix Solis returns as another potential threat to the Byrdes in the shape of cartel boss Omar Navarro.

Also joining the cast for season 4 is Oscar nominee Bruce Davison (X-Men), who plays Senator Randall Schafer – a powerful retired Illinois politician who can be bought for the right price.

Veronica Falcón is joining the cast as Navarro's sister Camila Elizonndro, and, incredibly, rapper Killer Mike is reportedly making an unexpected cameo in a scene alongside Ruth, a fellow rap enthusiast. We can’t wait to see that one!

Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell in Ozark Netflix

Is there a trailer for season 4?

Yes! So far we have had both a Date Announcement trailer and a First Look trailer.

The Date Announcement trailer shows key locations from the show, with voiceovers from the main characters including Marty, Wendy, Darlene and Ruth.

Ruth poses the question “Why do I have this feeling that we both know you’d be better off dead?”, while Wendy adds “Sometimes if you don’t move forward, you die”. Very ominous. 

The earlier First Look trailer raised the tension ahead of the new episodes as Marty and Wendy wash blood off each other in Omar Navarro’s mansion in scenes which take place seemingly just minutes after the dramatic end to season 3. 

When does Ozark season 4 start?

You can watch the first seven episodes of Ozark season 4 on Netflix from Friday, January 21, 2022. The final seven episodes of the show are expected to drop later in 2022.

What happened at the end of season 3?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead!*

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney in Ozark Netflix

As we head into the final season of Ozark, we find the Byrdes in a spot of bother. They’ve just witnessed the Navarro cartel’s attorney, Helen Pierce, get executed by Navarro enforcer Nelson Bonillo. Helen had tried to persuade Omar Navarro to let her take over the Byrdes’ business. Now Navarro wants even closer ties between the families.

Marty has already built bridges with the Navarro family after providing photos from his son’s drone video of the attack on a truck belonging to the Cosgroves of the Kansas City Mob – resulting in arrests of Lagunas cartel members. This came after the Lagunas attacked and killed everyone (except the baby) at Omar’s son’s first baptism.

Plus, Wendy gave up the location of her bipolar brother Ben, resulting in him being killed by Nelson because Helen felt he was a liability to the cartel.

Meanwhile, Ruth has quit working for Marty over the death and betrayal of Ben, who was also her lover, and has formed a closer allegiance with Darlene Snell. Darlene also avenged an earlier attack on Ruth from Frank Cosgrove Jr, hot-headed son of mob leader Frank, by shooting him after Marty had refused to retaliate on her behalf.

Ruth, Darlene and her young boyfriend Wyatt - who’s also Ruth’s cousin - could prove a problem for the Byrdes in season 4.

As we move into the final season, we’re not totally sure who can and can’t be trusted. Strap yourself in for some explosive entertainment as this great show comes to a close.

The first seven episodes of Ozark season 4 arrive on Netflix on Friday, January 21, 2022.

Watch seasons 1-3 on Netflix now.