Locke and Key: That season 1 ending explained

Will there be a season 2? There really has to be after the massive twist and cliffhanger that pulled the rug from underneath us.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 12 February 2020 - 10.19am
Netflix Kinsey and Gabe share an emotional moment together in Locke and Key

Fantasy drama Locke and Key is one of our favourite new TV shows of 2020.

Adapting the classic Joe Hill comic, the magical series follows a family discovering a series of keys in their ancestral home, which all have special powers.

The keys give the holder mind-blowing and supernatural talents, but they also bring grave danger as they are dark spirits and figures from their past who also want to get their hands on the keys.

Season one’s epic finale was packed with tension and also some very important twists, which turned a lot of what we previously believed on its head. It also set the show up perfectly for a series two as the Locke family’s enemies multiplied.

Who got thrown through the Black Door?

Tyler and Kinsey in the sea caves in Locke and Key Netflix

The Locke family believe that they’ve seen the last of Dodge aka Well-Lady (Laysla De Oliveira). They threw ‘the body’ of Dodge through the Black Door after unlocking it with the Omega key.

However, it was revealed in episode 10 that Dodge used the Identity Key to trick the Lockes.

Dodge used the Identity Key on Ellie to transform her into the same body as the Well-Lady. So when Dodge attacked Locke House with the Shadow Key, she placed Ellie’s unconscious body – in the form of Well-Lady - on the floor to make the family believe that she had been defeated.

It was Ellie who screamed as she was thrown through the Black Door as she slowly woke up at the last moment and desperately tried to get Tyler to stop.

What is going on with Gabe/Dodge/The Well-Lady/Lucas?

Dodge hides in the shadows Netflix

We saw earlier in the series that Dodge had used the Identity Key to take on the shape of the deceased Matheson youth Lucas. She was living with Ellie and Rufus using the identity of Lucas.

But Dodge also used the key to take on the role of Gabe (Griffin Gluck), who flirted, kissed and romanced Kinsey Locke.

Suddenly moments such as Gabe encouraging Kinsey to go down to the sea caves were revealed as part of Dodge’s plan, rather than a romantic gesture for his friend. His glee at seeing the power of the keys and vague details on his backstory, also slotted into place.

The reveal also means that Dodge was romancing both Tyler and Kinsey Locke at the information to get hold of the keys – using a different identity for each sibling.

Showrunner Carlton Cuse told IGN: "We wanted the show to end with a big twist, and we loved this idea that you would be able to kind of look back on the season and go, 'Oh my gosh, I wasn't really seeing what I thought I was seeing'."

What happened to Eden?

Eden (Hallea Jones) attends a lecture at school Netflix

School Mean Girl Eden got hit and possessed when the Black Door was opened, but only Gabe saw it happen.

Gabe grinned a delightful evil grin and met up with Erin in the closing moment of the season one finale to feast on food together.

This means we’ve got double trouble in store for season two. And with Gabe worming his way into Kinsey’s affections – she foolishly chose hum over Scot – the demons are going to be closer than ever to getting their hands on all the Locke family keys.

Speaking about the twist for Eden, showrunner Meredith Averill told The Wrap: “We just loved the idea of the pairing of these two characters, Gabe and Eden.

They really didn’t have any scenes together throughout the season, and setting the stage for the fact that these two are going to be conspiring for the second season, which is something that now that we’re in the writers’ room on Season 2, we’re having way, way, way too much fun with.”

Is Ellie dead?

Coby Bird plays Rufus in Locke and Key Netflix

Not necessarily. Although her piercing scream as she was hurled through the Black Door felt pretty final, the show’s creators don’t want to rule out a return for Ellie.

“It would not be prudent for us to say too much about Ellie, other than to say in Season 2 you will learn more about that storyline,” said Carlton Cuse.

“We felt that Ellie was a character that people would really care about. So there’s more to come on the whole storyline of her and Rufus (Coby Bird) and her fate.”

Locke and Key season one is streaming now on Netflix.