Charlie Brooks is a well-known face in the UK, thanks to her long-running stint in EastEnders and victory in the 2012 series of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

She’s returning to Albert Square  to reprise her role as Janine Butcher later this year – but if you can’t wait for that, you can watch her star in new Channel 5 drama Lie With Me.

Airing over four nights, the series is bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Here’s everything you need to know about the Australian drama.

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What is Lie With Me about?

Brett Tucker, Charlie Brooks and Phoebe Roberts in Lie With Me FremantleMedia Australia Pty Limited

A British woman relocates to her husband’s hometown of Melbourne to regnite their marriage. The couple hire a nanny for their two young children – a decision that will lead to murder.

The three protagnists’ morals are questioned in this suburban noir thriller set against an Australian backdrop.

Lie With Me cast and characters

Anna Fallmont – Charlie Brooks

Charlie Brooks plays Anna Fallmont FremantleMedia Australia Pty Limited

Anna is intelligent and beautiful, but is lacking in self confidence. She struggled with depression and self-harm as a teenager, and her demons resurfaced after the birth of her daughter Grace with husband Jake.

After their son Oliver was born, their relationship seemed to be on the up until she suspected him of cheating, prompting her to drive across town to catch him out – only to hit an embankment while driving erratically. While no-one was injured, it was a wake-up call which led Jake to suggest they make a fresh start Down Under.

Where have you seen Charlie before?

EastEnders, Bleak House, Wired.

Jake Fallmont – Brett Tucker

Brett Tucker plays Jake Fallmont in Lie With Me FremantleMedia Australia Pty Limited

Jake is handsome, charming and narcissistic – and capable of both great love and great duplicity.

His patience with Anna wore thin when she began to struggle emotionally.

Where have you seen Brett before?

Neighbours, Station 19, Mistresses.

Becky Hart – Phoebe Roberts

Phoebe Roberts plays Becky Hart in Lie With Me FremantleMedia Australia Pty Limited

Becky becomes the Fallmonts’ nanny when they relocate to Australia. But is she everything that she seems?

Where have you seen Phoebe before?

Utopia, Glitch, Nowhere Boys.

Cynthia Fallmont – Caroline Gillmer

Cynthia is your classic interfering mother-in-law. She thinks her youngest son Jake can do no wrong, and Anna is trouble. She wants to ensure the wellbeing of her grandchildren, whether her opinion is welcome or not.

Where have you seen Caroline before?

Neighbours, Prisoner, Home and Away.

Liam Henderson – Alfie Gledhill

Liam maintains the gardens at the Fallmonts’ house, using the money to fund his education at a technical college. He’s sometimes been guilty of hanging out with the wrong crowd, but he’s a good person at heart.

Where have you seen Alfie before?

Most of Alfie’s work has been on the stage in Australia.

Detective Maria Taormina – Nadine Garner

Maria has dedicated her life to the police and it’s taken its toll. She rarely switches off and is professional, hard-working and no-nonsense. She has been cheated on in the past so is sympathetic to anyone who’s going through the same experience.

Where have you seen Nadine before?

The Flying Doctors, Blue Water High, Bloom.

Ray Tucker – Neil Melville

Ray is a private rental driver, and is quiet, respectful and honest.

Where have you seen Neil before?

Utopia, Offspring, Underbelly.

Caroline Wilder – Isabella Giovinazzo

Caroline is Jake’s secretary and a dream PA – efficient and fun. She wants to settle down and find the right person.

Where have you seen Isabella before?

Home and Away, Reef Break, Playing For Keeps.

Phil Major – Bert Labonte

Phil is Jake’s best friend from high school and university. He admires Jake, but he is blind to his more sinister attributes.

Where have you seen Bert before?

Neighbours, The Let Down, Animal Kingdom.

How many episode of Lie With Me are there?

There are four episoes of the drama, which are stripped across this week.

How to watch Lie With Me

Lie With Me airs Monday July 12 to Thursday July 15 at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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