Jack Ryan season two is bigger, bolder and more emotional than John Krasinski’s first outing as the CIA hero.

Shifting the action from the Middle East to Venezuela, the new episodes dial up the action, ramp up the explosions and wreck your nails with their tension.

BT TV has been lucky enough to get a sneaky peak at the new season and caught up with the cast to get their behind-the-scenes secrets.

Here are three reasons you can’t miss Jack Ryan season two…

1. Jack is back… and all emotional

Forget your action hero stereotypes - John Krasinski’s take on Jack Ryan brings the CIA analyst into 2019.

This means he’s less a man of icy-cool steeliness and perfection and he’s more of a soppy old “gooball”.

Season two is driven by a personal story of vengeance for Jack Ryan and the relationships between Ryan, Greer (Wendell Pierce) and newcomer Mike November (Michael Kelly) explores the vulnerability of heroes and modern masculinity.

“I think we’re very similar [to the characters], we’re sentimental gooballs. We’re really emotionally in tune,” Krasinski told BT TV.

“It was very easy to play that dynamic as actors, but also as characters. One of the biggest things for me when I went to the CIA and I met the men and women who were there is that not only were they a very diverse group of people, but also they were a very normal group of people. I mean that in the best way.

“You think of the intelligence community and fierce, no feeling, willing to do whatever it takes. But the truth is that they are incredibly kind, people with families and fears and with that constant narrative of ‘what if’ going on in their head when they go into the field. That’s what makes them heroes to me.”

Wendell Pierce added: “That is the humanity of this show. Discovering the personal sides of these CIA and intelligence officers. This form allows us to explore that more. To have more than you do in a two hour movie. It means we can explore more what is at stake for these people.”

2. Noomi Rapace and Michael Kelly are awesome additions to the cast

Doubling the star power of season two, Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Kelly (House of Cards) bring their A-game to Jack’s latest mission.

Rapace is perfectly cast as the possible love interest, possible enemy, possible ally, who is impossible to pin down and trust.

Flexing her impressive fighting muscles, Rapace’s ‘Harry’ oozes cool and charisma as she kicks butt around the world.

Mike November is a more subtle new arrival and Michael Kelly subtly drops character developments for the CIA lifer, whose private and professional life are intertwined.

Kelly brings heart to the character and by the end of season two, Mike November gets some scene stealing moments and the biggest weapon of the series - trust us, this is a whopper.

Speaking about his new cast members, Krasinski told BT TV: “One of the things that makes you feel so comfortable is that everyone working on this show is at such a high level - and they jump in with two feet and give everything they’ve got.

“When you have people like Noomi and Michael jumping on and are in lockstep right from the beginning. It felt like we were old friends and had been working together forever.”

3. Explosions! London! Jungles! Helicopters!

Jack Ryan season one didn’t hold back on the action or blockbuster stunts, but season two goes super-size.

From John Hoogenakker’s covert Venezualan jungle mission to John Krasinski scaling the rooftops of London, season two is a heart-pounding rampage from one mission to the next.

The explosions are bigger, the locations are more jaw-dropping and the helicopter scenes are breathtaking.

Cinematic in scale, this show demands to be watched on the biggest screen possible.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season two is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.