This article is about filming locations used for Innocent season 1. Discover where Innocent season 2, starring Katherine Kelly, was filmed here.

ITV’s compelling and complex murder mystery Innocent is an addictive four-part series, which is being aired Monday to Thursday this week.

Innocent stars Lee Ingleby as David Collins, a man convicted of murdering his wife who is released on a technicality seven years on. He maintains his innocence but his wife’s family, his former friends and the police are not so sure.

Is David really guilty? Or is someone not telling the truth about the night his wife Tara died? The thrilling series, first broadcast in 2018, will have viewers hooked with its compelling and emotional story.

Where is Innocent filmed?

Hermione Norris in ITV drama Innocent ITV

The series' two main filming locations were Malahide near Dublin and Bosham, West Sussex.

Bosham has previously been featured in an episode of Midsomer Murders.

“We took the cast to Dublin for two months, to shoot in the stunning Irish countryside, and then brought back to the south coast of England for a week, to film in beautiful Bosham harbour," said writer Chris Lang.

“We could not be more pleased with what we have made. We hope it will move you, we hope it will surprise you, we hope it will provoke you (in a good way!) and who knows, if it does, and the audience agree, there could be an ‘Innocent II’.”

Star Daniel Ryan, who plays David’s faithful brother Phil, had no complaints about the location.

“We filmed in a very rural spot north of Dublin, with nothing much else, but the local pub was kind of handy,” he joked.

Hermione Norris, who plays the sister of David’s late wife, loved the scenery and the people.

“I loved the crew and working in Ireland. I met some fantastic people there. I loved Malahide and Dublin, which is a really beautiful city,” she said.

Another confirmed filming location is The Inn on the Beach pub in Hayling Island, Hampshire.

Watch Innocent at 9.15pm on ITV every night from May 4 to Thursday May 7.