Honour: All you need to know about Keeley Hawes' new ITV police drama including the tragic true story behind it

The TV star is back in the police, this time as an detective seeking to make amends for missing the warning signs ahead of a brutal killing in this ITV drama.

By Katie Archer Published: 30 July 2020 - 5.28pm

British actress Keeley Hawes is about to launch another must-see TV series – Honour.

Here’s all you need to know about the police drama, including when it’s on TV and the real-life inspiration behind it.

When is Honour on TV?

The two-part crime drama will premiere on ITV in autumn 2020.

Honour will be the first project made by star Keeley Hawes’ production company, Buddy Club, in association with Hera Pictures.

Honour ITV ITV

Who does it star?

At the moment all we know about the cast is that Keeley Hawes will star as real-life detective DCI Caroline Goode.

Keeley is best known for her roles in Bodyguard, The Missing, Line of Duty and The Durrells, and will also be executive producing on the drama which is being made in association with her production company.

The rest of the team includes screenwriter Gwyneth Hughes (Vanity Fair, Remember Me), director Richard Laxton (Mrs Wilson, Burton and Taylor), and producer Alliea Nazar.

What is Honour about? What is the true story behind it?

Honour is inspired by the shocking real-life events of the honour killing of Banaz Mahmod.

The 20-year-old Londoner’s murder was arranged by her own family, simply because she fell in love with the wrong man.

ITV’s two-part series will see Keeley play DCI Caroline Goode, the detective who doggedly pursued justice for Banaz in what became a very personal mission.

Honour Keeley Hawes ITV

Goode was appalled that her own force had missed the warning signs when Banaz had reported threats to her life by her own family five times, but had still been killed.

Keeley said: “It is a privilege to be working on Honour as Buddy Club's first ever project. In a time where honour killings are still rife, it is critical to shine a light on such an important subject.

"Banaz Mahmod's story, and DCI Goode’s subsequent investigation, is certainly one that needs to be told and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Gwyneth added: “Banaz Mahmod met her brutish death on the orders of her own father and uncle, which I find profoundly unsettling.

"That this story is ultimately so uplifting is down to the sheer heroism and dedication of the police officers who hunted down her killers. Caroline Goode and her team felt real love for this girl they’d never met. I found their unusual warmth and humanity deeply moving.”

Honour premieres on ITV in autumn 2020.