Gangs of London: From the release date and trailer to cast and characters - everything we know about the explosive new drama

From the creator The Raid film franchise, drama Gangs of London - coming soon to Sky Atlantic with NOW TV - sees Britain’s capital torn apart by the power struggles of its criminal gangs.

Published: 19 February 2020 - 12.49pm
Sky UK  Joe Cole and Paapa Essiedu in Gangs of London

Watch Gangs of London on Sky Atlantic with NOW TV from April 23.

Ready for an explosive new drama to hit your TV screen?

May we introduce Gangs of London - a nine-part series from Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery (The Raid), which stars Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders) and Lucian Msamati (Game of Thrones).

In the show, the head of London’s most powerful crime family is assassinated, sending ripples through the city. 

With his father dead, impulsive Sean Wallace must take his place in the (literally) cut throat world of organised crime...

When can I watch it?

It's been confirmed that all nine episodes of Gangs of London land on Sky Atlantic with NOW TV on Thursday, April 23.

What is Gangs of London about?

The action-packed thriller is set among the international gangs that control present-day London. For 20 years, Finn Wallace controlled a criminal organisation that saw billions of pounds move through his network. 

Then he’s murdered and nobody wants to own up to it...

Sky UK

As rivals scramble to make the most of this unexpected opportunity, it’s up to Finn’s son Sean to take over the family business.

Created by Gareth Evans, the award-winning filmmaker of The Raid film franchise, and his creative partner Matt Flannery, the nine-part series brings cinematic action to the small screen in what promises to be an epic saga. 

Who are the cast and characters?

Peaky Blinders’ Joe Cole stars as Sean Wallace, the new head of London’s leading criminal gang, assuming the title from his father Finn, played by Layer Cake’s Colm Meaney.

Speaking at the launch of the Sky Atlantic show, Cole says that at the start of the series, Sean has big boots to fill following the assasination of his father in the first episode.

“Initially, Sean’s task is to find out who’s killed his father, and then as the show goes on he has bigger problems. Sean’s finding his feet in this adult world, [he’s] the privately educated son who has various levels of PTSD from quite a horrific upbringing in a gangster’s family. 

“He also wants to put his stamp on this world, and he has his own ideas. What’s great about this character is that he’s smart, and he has his own way of doing things.”

Sky UK

Royal Television Society award-winner Lucian Msamati (Kiri, His Dark Materials) appears as Ed, the head of the Dumani family who assist Sean in the wake of his father Finn’s death. 

Lucian explains that Ed and Finn met when they were boys growing up on the streets of London.

“These are bastard children of the British empire, who arrived with nothing and they had to survive. They joined forces and built an empire, brick by brick, body by body. Ed has seen this grow from the ground up. It’s as much his as it is Finn’s, and it is family.”

Sope Dirsu (Humans) plays Elliot Finch, a lowlife chancer who finds himself transported to the inner workings of the largest criminal gang in London as he joins Sean on his rise to power. 

Where was Gangs of London filmed?

Gangs of London was filmed largely in its namesake city at the end of 2018 and into early 2019.

Recognise the pub featured in the series? That’s The Horseshoe in Clerkenwell, a tweet from a nearby business confirmed at the time.

Gangs of London also filmed elsewhere in the UK including Sevenoaks in Kent and the Welsh capital city of Cardiff.

Watch the Gangs of London trailer

All episodes of Gangs of London land of Sky Atlantic with NOW TV on Thursday, April 23.