Gangs of London returns for its long-awaited season 2 this October with an expanded cast of gangsters, cartel bosses and mafia families.

The explosive gangster series will be available to stream weekly on Sky Atlantic with NOW from Thursday, 20 October.

If you need a quick recap of the rival gangs, families and cartels at the centre of this thrilling gangster series, we've got you covered. 

Keep reading for a full list of the characters and where we find them at the start of Gangs of London season 2.

Secrets from the Set of Gangs of London season 2

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Gangs of London cast list

  • Sope Dirisu - Plays Elliot Finch
  • Michelle Fairley - Plays Marian Wallace
  • Valene Kane – Plays Jacqueline Robinson
  • Brian Vernel – Plays Billy Wallace
  • Lucian Msamati - Plays Ed Dumani
  • Paapa Essiedu - Plays Alex Dumani
  • Pippa Bennett-Warner - Plays Shannon Dumani
  • Taye Matthew - Plays Danny Dumani
  • Orli Shuka - Plays Luan Dushaj
  • Eri Shuka - Plays Mirlinda Dushaj
  • Narges Rashidi - Plays Lale
  • Asif Raza Mir - Plays Asif Afridi
  • Waleed Zuaiter - Plays Coba
  • Jasmine Armando – Plays Saba
  • Fady El-Sayed - Plays Faz
  • Salem Kali - Plays Basem
  • Aymen Hamdouchi – Plays Hakim

Undercover Agent

Sope Dirisu – Plays Elliot Finch

Sope Dirisu in Gangs of London season 2

Elliot was working as an undercover police officer in season 1, aligning himself with the Wallace-Dumani empire to try expose the true figures running London’s criminal underworld.

A phenomenal fighter, Elliot was involved in some of the most jaw-dropping fight sequences and bloody brawls in season 1. Although Elliot is working to expose criminals, the secret agent isn’t afraid of stepping into some murky moral areas and even began a romantic relationship with Shannon Dumani.

In season 2, Elliot will be working for the Investors – the true villains behind London’s warring gangs – with the ultimate plan of exposing their identities and criminal activities.

You may recognise Sope Dirisu from films The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Mr Malcom’s List and TV series Humans, Undercover and The Halcyon.

The Wallace Family

Michelle Fairley – Plays Marian Wallace

Michelle Fairley in Gangs of London season 2

Marian is the matriarch who had an eventful season 1, losing her husband Finn and son Sean and in the season finale was shot by her close friend and ally Ed Dumani.

In the post-credit sequence for season 1, we saw that Marian was saved by her late husband’s mistress Floriana and the trailers for season 2 suggest that Marian is now running a weapons business and seeking revenge on those who took down her family’s empire.

Michelle Fairley is best known for playing Catelyn Stark in Game of Thrones and has other TV credits including Suits and 24: Live Another Day.

Valene Kane – Plays Jacqueline Robinson

Jacqueline is Marian and Finn’s estranged daughter, who had moved away from the family business to work as a doctor.

She was dragged back into the Wallace fold as the family came under attack in season 1 and ended the season on the run with her brother Billy.

Valene Kane is best know for her performance in BBC drama The Fall as Rose Stagg.

Brian Vernel – Plays Billy Wallace

Brian Vernel as Billy Wallace

Sean’s younger brother Billy was a drug addict and a loose canon, who caused extra problems for the family as they battled to stay in control in season 1.

Despite his personal problems, Billy was always immensely loyal to his brother and vowed to get revenge if Elliot didn’t protect him. The news of Sean’s death is likely to have impacted him the most out of all the characters in season 2.

The Dumani Family

Lucian Msamati – Plays Ed Dumani

Lucian Msamati as Ed Dumani in Gangs of London season 2

Ed Dumani was the brains to Finn Wallace’s brawn and helped build the Wallace Dumani empire to become the dominant gang in London.

Ed was a gameplayer and power-broker, who was happy to keep secrets and murder enemies or friends to maintain control and look after his family.

In season 2, Ed’s family are divided and the gang leader will need to find some new ways to get back in control.

Lucian Msamati has previously starred in Spooks, The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency and as Salladhor Saan in Game of Thrones.

Paapa Essiedu – Plays Alex Dumani

Paapa Essiedu as Alex Dumani in Gangs of London

Alex Dumani was the professional and public face of the Wallace Dumani empire, controlling the finances and business deals.

At the end of season one, Elliot was ordered to save Alex (and kill Sean) so that the Investors could keep manipulating the Dumanis and use them to look after their finances.

Paapa Essiedu is one of the hottest stars on British TV in 2022 after lead roles in the critically acclaimed The Lazarus Project and The Capture season 2.

Pippa Bennett-Warner – Plays Shannon Dumani

Pippe Bennett-Warner as Shannon Dumani

Ed Dumani’s daughter showed her ruthless side at the end of season 1, when she killed DI Vicky Chung (Jing Lusi).

Shannon’s number one priority was always keeping her son Danny safe and generally kept away from the family business, but her actions in season 1 may drag her deeper into London’s underworld.

Pippa Bennett-Warner’s recent TV credits include BBC dramas Sitting In Limbo, Roadkill and Chloe.

Taye Matthews – Plays Danny Dumani

Shannon’s young son helped build a bond between Shannon and Elliot. In fact, Elliot's biggest weakness may be the emotional attachment he builds with young Taye, which could potentially be exploited by his enemies.

Koba's gang

Waleed Zuaiter - Plays Koba

Koba is the new central villain for season 2 and is played by Baghdad Central star Waleed Zuaiter.

We spoke to the season 2 cast and creators about what we can expect from the terrifying Koba - click the play button above to find out.

The Albanians

Orli Shuka – Plays Luan Dushaj

Orli Shuka as Luan in Gangs of London season 2

Luan was the head of the Albanian mafia who proved that he was man who should not be underestimated in season 1.

Although he enjoys luxuries and the finer things in life, Luan showed himself to be a man of action after he had millions stolen from him and Mosi’s Nigerian gang threatened his family.

His hotel room fight sequence with Mosi’s gang in season 1 episode 7 was one of the most memorable sequences in the show’s first outing.

Orli is a British-Albanian actor, who stars alongside his real life wife Eri – who plays Mirlinda.

Eri Shuka – Plays Mirlinda Dushaj

Mirlinda was the guiding force behind Luan’s physical strength and power in season 1.

When Luan has doubts and fears about his actions, he turns to his wife for advice and inspiration.

Eri Shuka is the real life wife of her co-star Orli.

The Kurdish

Narges Rashidi – Plays Lale

Narges Rashidi as Lale in Gangs of London

Lale was a fan favourite character in season 1, who lost the battle with arch-rival Asif, but arguably won the war.

Although her organisation was massacred, Lale survived and she struck back in the most brutal fashion, killing Asif’s son Nasir on the night of his election victory as London mayor.

Lale shared a moment of passion with Sean Wallace before his death and goes into season 2 as a lone wolf with no alliances, but plenty of grudges.

The Pakistani cartel

Asif Raza Mir – Plays Asif Afridi

Asif Raza Mir as Asif Afridi

The brutal leader of the Pakistani heroin cartel ended up losing the most important thing in his life, his son Nasir, in season 1.

One of the most cold-hearted and terrifying gang leaders, Asif has been placed as the top dog in London by The Investors in season 2.

New arrivals

French rapper Jasmine Armando – Plays Saba

Jasmine Armando as Saba in Gangs of London

Fady El-Sayed - Plays Faz

Fady El-Sayed as Faz in Gangs of London

Salem Kali - Plays Basem

Salem Kali as Basem

Aymen Hamdouchi – Plays Hakim

Aymen Hamdouchi as Hakim in Gangs of London

Killed in season one

Joe Cole – Played Sean Wallace

In season 1, we saw Sean quickly unravel when he was placed at the top of the Wallace Dumani empire following the death of his father.

Sean’s violent and frantic leadership made him many enemies and disturbed the Investors who decided that they would prefer someone quieter and easier to control in charge.

Although we saw him shot in the face by Elliot in the season 1 finale, some fans still believe he could have survived and may reappear later in the series.

Colm Meaney – Played Finn Wallace

The head of the Wallace Dumani empire whose murder in season 1 episode 1 had a domino effect that caused chaos for all the London gangs.

Across season 1 we learned that Finn wasn’t the true dominant force that many believed and that he was effectively a puppet for the Investors.

It was Finn’s secret affair with Floriana and his decision to break free from The Investors with a secret stash of cash that ended up costing him his life.

Stream Gangs of London season 2 weekly on Sky Atlantic with NOW from Thursday, October 20.

Season 1 is available to watch now.

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