Flesh and Blood episode 3 review: Burning questions and theories – Who’s been attacked? Who's guilty? What's really going on?

We’ll finally get some answers in the finale of Flesh and Blood on Thursday night. We round up the latest theories and burning questions posed by the ITV mystery drama.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 27 February 2020 - 12.15pm
ITV Flesh and Blood on ITV - Francesca Annis

Punches were thrown, secrets were exposed and Mary continued to be the creepiest next-door neighbour in TV history in the penultimate episode of ITV's Flesh and Blood.

Ahead of this evening's finale, we’ve rounded up all the burning questions and theories about what's actually going on the seaside mystery.

1. Who is Mark's daughter?

Stephen Rea as Mark in ITV's Flesh and Blood ITV

And more importantly, is she even real? Even Vivien is doubting her new husband – what took her so long? – as he appears unable to understand why she would be concerned about leaving behind her children for a six week holiday.

He doesn't even have a picture of his daughter on his phone, and his excuse - that he couldn’t transfer his old pictures on to his phone - was pretty weak. At this point in their relationship, wouldn’t Vivien consider it slightly odd that she hadn’t seen a picture of Mark's daughter digitally, physically or in some form of social media? Wouldn’t he talk to her regularly and hand over the phone to his new wife?

At this point, we very much doubt she exists. And if she does, she probably wants nothing to do with him.

2. Why did Mark punch Jake?

Russell Tovey in ITV's Flesh and Blood ITV

The closing shot of the episode was Jake taking a tumble and smashing his hand on a table after being walloped by Mark.

What could Jake do that would prompt Mark to take on the personal trainer in a fight. Has he exposed him as a con artist? Has he offended Mark by bringing up the death of his ex-wife? And how on earth Jake, and the rest of the family would, have responded to that punch.

3. Why are the police asking about Stella?

Sharon Small in a scene with Russell Tovey in Flesh and Blood ITV

The curious part of Jake’s interview with the police was the questions about his relationship with lawyer Stella. It could be a red herring and just play into the fact his relationship with his client will be exposed in the finale episode.

However, Stella was also the person who dug a little dirt out about Mark’s past. Could she play a crucial role in the final showdown?

4. Is Mark poisoning his wives?

Stella revealed to Jake that the cause of death for Mark’s first wife was an overdose. And a little bit more digging revealed that the case wasn’t open and shut and that one witness interrupted the court ruling to insist that his wife wouldn’t have taken her own life.

Vivien’s been looking a little queasy and we know she collapsed for no apparent reason. Has Mark been dropping something in her tea? Or is she just particularly unlucky…

5. What is Mary doing with those bags of clothes?

This is one question we do have the answer to. Check out the preview of episode 4:

6. Why was a bodybag used if the person is alive?

The shot of the bodybag being moved away from the crime scene doesn’t match up with the police comments about a life hanging in the balance. Are there going to be two victims?

And if the closing shot of the episode isn’t Mark opening his eyes in a hospital bed and Stephen Rea doing his best creepy face, we'll be very surprised.

Flesh and Blood airs on ITV on February 24 to 27.

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