Flesh and Blood continued on ITV on Tuesday night with more twists, surprises and menacing looks from Imelda Staunton.

Stripped across this week, the four-part series is proving to be gripping viewing with a double mystery to solve. Who has been attacked? And who is the attacker?

After the dramatic events of episode two, here are all our burning questions…

1. Who is the victim?

The full cast of Flesh and Blood on ITV ITV

Because of the police interviews we know that the body can’t belong to Natalie or Mary.

In fact, unless Natalie is some sort of sociopath, it would be surprising if the victim was any of the family members. She didn’t appear concerned that she wasn’t in the hospital as the victim goes into surgery.

She would presumably be distraught about the developments if it was anyone other than Mark.

2. Could there be two victims?

A lot of viewers have pointed out the fact it looked like someone was being taken away in a bodybag in the opening episode. If that was the case, who is the person heading into surgery?

Could we have two victims on our hands - one dead and one fighting for their life?

3. Is Mark's daughter real?

The holiday to Spain turned out to be filled with surprises for Mark and Vivien. The reason for the trip was that Mark wanted his new lover to meet his daughter. But after a shady phonecall, his offspring’s visit was cancelled.

He then managed to tempt Vivien into a trip to Gibraltar, which we saw him researching in episode one, where they were conveniently able to arrange a shotgun wedding.

Did he ever plan to really meet his daughter? Does she even really exist? Or was the plan all along to persuade Vivien to accept his proposals.

Stephen Rea as Mark in ITV's Flesh and Blood ITV

4. Who set fire to the car?

The three children and Vivien were all sat around the beach when the car was set on fire. That means it could probably only be two people.

‘Mad’ Mary may have set fire to the vehicle – we’d already seen her fuming about the marriage. Or it could have been Mark, possibly in an attempt to frame someone else or for the insurance money. If he paid for the vehicle on credit, as Mary suggested, maybe this was his way of getting out of spending any more money on it,

5. What really happened with Mary's baby and husband?

It was subtly dropped into the backstory that Mary was once married and that she lost a baby. What really happened to her baby and her marriage is likely to be crucial to the final big reveal.

Did she have an affair with Vivien’s husband? Did her husband have an affair with Vivien? What caused the loss of her child? The show’s title, Flesh and Blood, would suggest that these questions are crucial to solving this mystery,

Flesh and Blood - Imelda Staunton ITV

6. How far will Helen and Natalie's love and work rivals go?

Helen’s firing policy at work is coming back to haunt her as the lady we saw arguing with her in episode one came back to trick her into believing her husband is having an affair.

Meanwhile, Natalie’s relationship with her married boss almost proved fatal as her lover’s wife tried to ram her off the road in a car chase.

The duo’s personal lives are taking a violent and nasty turn, but at the moment it doesn’t feel like these storylines will feed into the violence at Vivien’s home.

7. Why would Vivien sell that house?

It’s absolutely beautiful and the Sussex coastline is stunning. Would anyone think about selling that property for drippy Mark? It’s the least credible part of the whole series.

Flesh and Blood airs on ITV on February 24 to 27.

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