ITV’s Flesh and Blood proved to be a big hit in February, pulling in millions of viewers over the course of its four-night run. Viewers tuned in to work out the identity of the victim as well as the culprits in the coastal mystery.

Imelda Staunton and Stephen Rea’s incredible performances as nosy neighbour Mary and shifty retired doctor Mark lifted the show and the stunning Eastbourne filming locations made us desperately want a holiday on the Sussex coast.

The show ended with a massive cliffhanger as Mark opened his eyes in his hospital bed, giving us the perfect setup for a second series.

But are there plans for a second series and what could we expect if the show returns?

The series 1 ending explained

Stephen Rea as Mark in ITV's Flesh and Blood

Vivien's birthday celebrations ended in bleak circumstances as she fainted amid a family row. Jake and Mark, who were both drunk, came to blows as the pair shared their true feelings for each other and it was Russell Tovey's personal trainer who tackled Stephen Rea's creepy retired doctor over the balcony.

Mark took a significant fall onto the rocks below, but he was able to open his eyes when Mary went down to offer some first aid to him. Unfortunately for Mark, Mary took the opportunity to add to his woes by covering his mouth and stopping his breathing, rather than trying to save his life.

The police closed their investigation into Mark's fall, despite seemingly not interviewing Vivien. The detectives seemed so impressed by Mary’s story about Mark 'slipping' after too much drink that they didn't see the need to keep questioning the family.

In a couple of final twists, the police confirmed that Mark's daughter does exist – maybe he was innocent all along?  - and in the closing shot, we saw Stephen Rea open his eyes on his hospital bed. The perfect cliffhanger setup for a second series.

Who would be in the series 2 cast?

Imelda Staunton, Stephen Rea and Francesca Annis in Flesh and Blood

The benefit of the series 1 ending is that none of the cast were written out or killed off.

Stephen Rea waking from his coma means he can come back to haunt the family and threaten Mary (Imelda Staunton) and Jake (Russell Tovey) by exposing the truth about what happened.

Would Viv (Francesca Annis) be happy to get back with Mark after everything that happened on her birthday and would she still trust her new husband.

How far would Mary go to keep Viv from selling her home and moving away?

Will Helen (Claudie Blakley) and George (Keir Charles) be able to get their marriage back on tracks?

Would Jake move on from Leila (Lara Rossi) and start a relationship with Stella (Sharon Small)?

And how will Natalie (Lydia Leonard) cope with pregnancy and motherhood after walking out on Tony (Vincent Regan).

There’s also the possibility of some juicy new additions to the cast with Mark’s daughter and the unidentified woman who claimed in court that Mark killed his ex-wife.

Are there plans for the show to return?

Russell Tovey in ITV's Flesh and Blood

ITV haven’t confirmed a second series yet, but the strong ratings, reviews and interest in series one would suggest that it’s quite likely.

Writer Sarah Williams has already revealed that she would like the show to return if it proves to be a hit.

“Without explaining too much of what happens, there is further meat on the bone,” she said.

“I love these characters and I did get very attached to all of them. I would love to follow on their story, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves, we have to see if anyone watches this."

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