Fifteen Love: Aidan Turner to front a thrilling new drama from the makers of Line of Duty set in the world of elite tennis

Fifteen Love, a brand new six-part UK original drama starring Aidan Turner and Ella Lily Hyland, explores what can be lost when you’ll do anything to win.

By Sophia Moir Published: 28 March 2023 - 9.03am
Prime Video Fifteen Love first look

Poldark’s Aidan Turner will star in Fifteen Love, a thrilling new drama from the makers of Line of Duty set in the world of elite tennis.

Turner will play a maverick sports coach guiding an up-and-coming tennis player (Ella Lily Hyland), with the six-part British series examining the intense physical and mental pressures of professional sport.

Fifteen Love - coming to Prime Video - is a gripping and sensitive exploration of trust, power and obsession, and what can be lost when you’ll do anything to win.

Here’s everything we know so far about Fifteen Love, including the rumoured release date, cast, plot, trailer and more.

What’s new on Prime Video in 2023?

Who’s in the Fifteen Love cast?

  • Aidan Turner (Poldark) - Glenn Lapthorn, a maverick tennis coach 
  • Ella Lily Hyland (Intruder) - Justine Pearce, a young sports prodigy
  • Anna Chancellor (The Split) - role TBC
  • Jessica Darrow (Encanto) - role TBC
  • Tom Varey (Ridley Road) - role TBC
  • Lorenzo Richelmy (Marco Polo) - role TBC
  • Manon Azem (Your Honour) - role TBC
  • Elizabeth Berrington (The Nevers) - role TBC
  • Amar Chadha-Patel (Willow) - role TBC
  • Steffan Rhodri (House of the Dragon) - role TBC

Newcomers Maria Margarida Almeida and Harmony Rose-Bremner also feature in the cast.

Fifteen Love Aidan Turner headshot Shutterstock

What is the Fifteen Love plot?

Set in the world of elite tennis, Fifteen Love portrays Justine Pearce (Hyland) as a one-time rising star whose sudden success at 17 took her and her coach Glenn Lapthorn (Turner) to the quarter-finals of the French Open.

But, with the world watching, Justine’s wrist shattered and she crashed out. 

Five years later, she is working at the tennis academy she once trained in and, seeing her coach return after taking someone else to a Grand Slam victory, Justine is pushed into dangerous and dysfunctional behavior.

That culminates with her allegation to the police just ahead of the Wimbledon tournament that Lapthorn coerced her into a damaging psychosexual relationship, leading to her career-ending injury.

When is the Fifteen Love release date?

Fifteen Love will be released exclusively on Prime Video in 2023.

A specific release date has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll update this article when it is.

It will consist of six episodes.

Who created Fifteen Love?

Fifteen Love is produced by World Productions, who are the makers of Line of Duty, Vigil and Bodyguard.

It’s created by The Innocents writer Hania Elkington

“The voice of women in sport has never been heard as loudly and clearly as over the last two years,” said creator, Hania Elkington. 

“From Simone Biles to Naomi Osaka, Emma Raducanu to Pam Shriver, the pressures and realities of being at the top of your game on the world stage are finally breaking through to us, making us look again at the price our young prodigies can pay for the goals they work so hard to achieve. 

“Writing this drama, and the people I’ve met through my deep-dive into researching it, has been revelatory. I hope that Fifteen Love has the same effect on its audience, and can become another valuable part of this urgent, emerging story.”

The first three episodes of Fifteen Love will be directed by Eva Riley (Patriot). The next three will be helmed by Toby MacDonald (Ragdoll).

Is there a Fifteen Love trailer?

There’s not currently a Fifteen Love trailer, but we’ll update this article when there is.

Fifteen Love premieres on Prime Video later this year.