Dispatches From Elsewhere: A dazzling and uplifting Wizard of Oz-style mystery – 3 reasons to watch Jason Segel’s AMC series

Airing exclusively in the UK for BT TV customers, Dispatches From Elsewhere is a captivating and magical drama about four diverse characters searching for answers in their lives.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 13 May 2020 - 10.46pm
AMC Jason Segel and Eve Lindley in Dispatches From Elsewhere

AMC’s Dispatches From Elsewhere takes viewers on an incredible journey. Bigfoot in an art museum, Jason Segel talking to dolphins, secret rooms tucked away in private pubs in hidden 3D city. And that’s just the first two episodes.

The story of four diverse individuals who all end up colliding on the same adventure, Dispatches is a mixture of the magical and mysterious.

Inspired by real-life events from a decade ago in San Francisco, the show challenges viewers to engage with the concept that there could be more to real life, hidden just behind a Wizard of Oz-style curtain.

Celebrating the universal human bonds that connect us all, the series will lift your soul and fill your heart as it takes you into a series of intertwined puzzle boxes that break all the traditional rules of TV narrative.

From the opening scene in which a haunting Richard E. Grant welcomes you directly down the camera lens into the Dispatches From Elsewhere adventure, you’ll be hooked on this curious and colourful treat.

Here are three reasons you must tune into Dispatches From Elsewhere on BT TV…

It's a magical escape from real life


While the world continues in lockdown, you’re probably not searching for gritty realism, gangsters or yet another cop show.

Dispatches From Elsewhere is a joyous celebration of what happens when we break the rules we impose on ourselves in life.

From Jason Segel’s midlife-crisis in waiting everyman Peter to Andre Benjamin’s conspiracy-theory believer Fredwynn, all the lead characters in Dispatches are on the hunt for something missing in their own lives. Something more, something they’ve missed, something they regret.

The foursome are pulled together and it’s the connection between the four unusual individuals which is the most wholesome and heartening aspect of the show.

It may be dazzlingly imaginative and full of head-spinning puzzles, but you’ll feel so drawn to these characters individually and collectively that you won't want to leave this universe.

The impressive award-winning cast


With Oscars, Emmys and Grammys galore to their names, the central cast of Dispatches is, like the show’s characters, a dazzling and diverse collective.

Jason Segel, the brains behind the series, brings his How I Met Your Mother charms to the role of Peter and you can’t take your eyes off André Benjamin’s dazzling Fredwynn.

Eve Lindley brings heart and soul to the role of Simone and Sally Field is perfect as Janice, a woman wondering what comes after you’ve achieved every milestone in life.

It’s more than a TV show


A series of puzzles wrapped up in a larger mystery, part of the joy of Dispatches From Elsewhere lies in piecing together the jigsaw pieces scattered across every episode.

For anyone who loves their TV shows to last beyond mere 60-minute episodes, Dispatches repays you with every repeat viewing as every line of dialogue, every location and every minor character seems to be connected to a wider mystery.

The series is filled with rabbit holes that you can dive into and beyond the show you can take a trip of your own – if you’re willing to take that risk.

Just take a trip into AMC’s social media pages if you’re intrigued about beginning a journey deep into Elsewhere.

Dispatches From Elsewhere premieres on Wednesday, April 29 with a double-bill on AMC.

Watch on BT TV channel 333/381 HD, the BT Player and BT TV App.

AMC is exclusive to BT TV customers.


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