A Discovery of Witches season 3: Meet the cast and characters of the sizzling, supernatural hit series

Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer are back for witch and vampire action and they are joined by some famous faces as the cast expands for series 3.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 11 January 2022 - 11.50am
Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer in A Discovery of Witches season 3

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A Discovery of Witches has built up a loyal legion of fans thanks to its magical blend of fantasy, sizzling romance and dark drama.

Based on the novels of Deborah Harkness and filled with vampires, witches and daemons, the show returns for a third season - and it will be the last time we see the cast.

In the final season of ADOW, the show’s lead characters Diana Bishop (played by Teresa Palmer) and Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) return - alongside a host of famous faces. 

Here is a quick guide to the lead cast of season three...

Matthew Goode plays Matthew De Clermont

The third and final series of A Discovery of Witches sees Matthew and Diana returning from the past to find that tragedy has struck Sept-Tours after Peter Knox (Owen Teale) attempted to steal a page from Book of Life.

Diana’s beloved Aunt Em (Valarie Pettiford) is dead, and the Congregation are rallying forces against her and Matthew. Matthew and Diana’s first priority is the protection of their growing twins – two babies who represent a threat to the entire foundations of the Congregation.

Matthew has to face up to the consequences of his past by tackling Benjamin (Jacob Ifan), his evil long-lost son, whilst trying to find a cure for bloodrage, the terrible disease which could well be passed on to his children.

He must also make amends for some of his most violent acts as the De Clermont family assassin in order to secure the future of he and Diana’s newly established family. 

You may recognise Matthew Goode from roles in Downton Abbey (he played Henry Talbot), as well as The Crown, The Imitation Game and Stoker.

Teresa Palmer plays Diana Bishop

Diana has to become a mother while facing the biggest challenge of her life – only she can unlock the mysteries of the Book of Life so that her children will not have to hide their true natures as Diana had to.

This season will see Diana attempt to reassemble the Book of Life and crack open its tantalising mysteries. She must find the missing pages of the Book of Life and complete it, for it will be the only way that she can overcome the Congregation which dogs their steps at every turn: Powerful witch, Peter Knox, has murdered Diana’s aunt and descends into madness hunting for the Book. 

Matthew and Diana muster their forces, turning old enemies into allies. But their biggest threat comes from, Benjamin who has been lying in wait — and will re-emerge to wreak ultimate destruction.

You may recognise Australian actress Teresa Palmer from film roles in movies including Warm Bodies, Triple 9, Lights Out, Hacksaw Ridge and Ride Like a Girl.

Steven Cree plays Gallowglass de Clermont

Gallowglass is Matthew’s nephew within the vampire family tree. As such, he’s incredibly loyal to Matthew and to the de Clermont family, despite any misgivings he might have towards Philippe, Matthew’s dad, because of history.

He will do anything for Matthew. He’s a soldier of fortune – having been around for a few hundred years he seems to enjoy life, but he is incredibly fierce and has a fierce side to him, so he’s not to be crossed. People shouldn’t mistake his gentility for softness.

Outlander fans may recognise him from the role of Ian Murray on the fantasy show. He's also starred in Deep Water and COBRA.

Also in A Discovery of Witches...

* Edward Bluemel plays Marcus Whitmore - Matthew Clairmont's vampire son and lab colleague

* Paul Rhys plays vampire Andrew Hubbard

* Owen Teale plays Peter Knox - the leader of the witches

* Peter McDonald plays vampire Baldwin St Clair (re-cast for season 3 as Welsh actor Trystan Gravelle was unable to film due to a schedule clash)

* Adelle Leonce plays Phoebe Taylor, a human who becomes involved with Marcus

* Trevor Eve plays ancient vampire Gerbert D Aurillac

* Malin Buska plays Finnish witch Satu Jarvinen

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