Baptiste season 2 cast: Tcheky Karyo and Fiona Shaw’s guide to the latest detective drama

Julien Baptiste is back on a new missing persons case with the second and possibly final season of the BBC One crime drama.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 15 July 2021 - 11.13am

We first fell in love with Tchéky Karyo’s Julien Baptiste in 2014 when he appeared in The Missing season 1 on the hunt for Oliver Hughes.

We followed him through a second season of The Missing and his own spinoff series Baptiste in 2019.

He’s now back for Baptiste season two and the French detective is looking for any distraction to consume him after the tragic end to season 1.

When Ambassador Emma Chambers’ (Fiona Shaw) family disappears in the Hungarian mountains, it’s the perfect chance for Baptiste to throw himself into a new case and finds himself quickly in deep with a case filled with secrets, corruption and layers of confusion to unpick.

Meet the cast of Baptiste season 2...

Julien Baptiste (Played by Tchéky Karyo)

Tchéky Karyo as Julien Baptiste in Baptiste season 2 BBC

“Julien Baptiste is a private detective. He’s retired and he lives with his wife Celia and they have a daughter, Sara. Celia is the core of this family keeping everyone together, Sara is a drug addict, and Julien is a workaholic. Julien owes a lot to his wife,” said Karyo.

“Series two is about the relationship Julien has with his wife, then the case of Emma Chambers’ missing family and the relationship he develops with Emma and how they get to know each other through this experience. It is also about society and how we explore different cultures and idealisms.”

The series star added: “Julien has reached the bottom of himself. He’s filled with anger, bitterness, pain, and he no longer knows where’s north or south. Julien’s lost; he gets aggressive, he loses his temper and brings a lot of pain to his loved ones at home. 

“That is how we discover him at the beginning of the series. Then we flip from different time periods to understand where he is coming from and eventually see how great his capacity for resilience is.”

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Emma Chambers (Played by Fiona Shaw)

Fiona Shaw as Emma Chambers in Baptiste season 2 BBC

“I can say that I very rarely get a script as good as this one. This is beautifully honed. Jack and Harry have got a Dickensian type of ability to make stories weave one into the other,” said Shaw.

“As you read pages and you turn over, particularly the new episodes, you cannot believe the turns, the twists, and the surprises!

“This is six hours of quite diabolical events and discoveries and you could be scared that the tone would be similar, but it isn’t because it keeps changing. The effect on the character, when I read it, felt like a human soul going through Dantes Inferno! I didn’t think television could be made like that, I have very much enjoyed the other series of Baptiste and The Missing - I don’t know if I dare say this but, this is even darker!”

Richard Chambers (Played by Adrian Rawlins)

“Richard is a regular geezer, he seems to be very capable. He’s won an award for humanitarian work. He is a loyal husband; his wife Emma works all the hours God sends and I think he probably does the lion-share of the domestic run of the house and Emma’s work comes first,” said Rawins. 

“It’s interesting because historically it would be the other way around. Things are changing of course, but I think that breeds its own frustrations, particularly with the time and energy that maybe isn’t given to just making the family a proper family.”

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Alex Chambers (Played by Stuart Campbell)

“The series from my character’s perspective probably starts before the first episode, as the family experience a grievance which they are still healing from,” said Campbell.

“Essentially my brother Will, and I get involved in things that we shouldn’t get involved in, online, thinking that our actions don’t have any consequences. That leads us to becoming involved with some far-right Hungarian mafia-esque people and that’s where the series starts off.

“After the tragic incident within the family, each of the Chambers delve into their own addictions. Emma with work, Richard, who probably drinks too much, Will who spends all his time online, and then I’m involved with the far-right. Each of us is very distanced.

“The series begins with the family four-unit on holiday. Its uncomfortable and a bit awkward and no-one really wants to be there. Then one morning Emma wakes up to find all of us missing.”

Will Chambers (Played by Conrad Khan)

“Will Chambers is one of two brothers in the Chambers family. He looks up to his older brother Alex, a lot. His journey begins when a horrific incident happens in his home which scars him for life. Will’s journey is trying to cope and deal with that,” said Khan.

“The story isn’t necessarily chronicle in the way that the writers have structured it. It starts in the middle of the Chambers family story. As the series progresses there are flashbacks which help you understand why they are like they are. 

“At the beginning of the first episode the family is on holiday, it's the two brothers and the parents who are trying to take their mind off something awful that happened in their family.”

Full cast

Ace Bhatti is among the wider cast in Baptiste season 2 BBC

Anastasia Hille returns as Celia Baptiste, Julien's wife. The new series will also star Ace Bhatti (Line of Duty) as Emma's colleague Nadeem and Dorka Gryllus as Zsofia Arslan, the Hungarian officer in charge of the case.

Rhashan Stone, Michelle Duncan and Anita Adam Gabay are also in the cast.

Watch Baptiste on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday, July 18th and afterwards, every episode on BBC iPlayer.


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